Garden Koi Pond Renovation Timelapse

  • Published on:  7/6/2016
  • This is a timelapse spanning 10 days plus some video of the finished pond.
    The old PVC liner had needed replacing for some time and we had patched up holes round the edge for years, but a new leak at the bottom meant we had no choice but to renovate the pond.
    We had a man from the local aquatics shop do the work for us.
    We opted for a Firestone EPDM liner, a skimmer with dedicated pump and a new 'beach' area at the shallow end made from cobbles to give fry and newts a better chance of surviving.
    The edge of the pond was levelled as the ground had shifted over the years. The waterfall was sealed with cement and adjacent rocks rearranged.
    The plants were trimmed and rearranged. They flourished in no time and have overgrown somewhat.
    We placed spawning brushes near the shallow end and within a month we noticed fry swimming in the cobbles.
    After we have added new fish, we decided to put up an electric fence to help protect against the Heron and other wildlife. We realise it's not pretty, but the well-being of the fish is more important.
    The pond is located in central England.
    The timelapse was created in the Summer of 2016 with a GoPro on a tripod with bricks keeping the feet steady. I recorded the audio at the edge of the pond once the renovation was complete. If you have enjoyed the video, please like, comment and subscribe.

    00:00 - Day 1 - Draining the pond
    00:23 - Day 1 - Removing the slabs
    00:59 - Day 1 - Removing the liner
    01:18 - Day 2 - Levelling the side of the pond
    01:50 - Day 2 - Digging out the 'beach' and skimmer base
    02:16 - Day 3 - New EPDM liner and beach stones
    03:09 - Day 4 - Repairing the waterfall and natural rocks
    03:30 - Day 4 - Laying the slabs
    03:41 - Day 5 - Laying the slabs
    04:26 - Day 6 - Laying the slabs and sealing the waterfall
    05:00 - Day 7 - Draining, cleaning and refilling the pond after the hose moved in the night and blasted soil into it.
    05:31 - Day 8 - Electrics and skimmer
    06:09 - Plants (with help from George the goose)
    06:35 - Viewing the finished pond
    07:12 - One month later - the pond is full of life
    08:32 - Feeding time