You're Bad at Walmart! #15

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Sydni Greenfield 10 months ago

    They're called walmartians

  • Milo Trinity 10 months ago

    Hans Hansen youre such a fucking ho.

  • Waldos Video 10 months ago

    Say hi to Kermit from me. 🤗

  • Accalia Michaelis 10 months ago

    Damn I was hoping to see the pillow behind him.

  • Jen Shaw 10 months ago


  • Chaos89P 10 months ago

    Dante Jacobs So expect it on Wednesday, if memory serves.

  • Jada Biggs 10 months ago

    😍🐱And you can’t just put a picture of a boop....I need the boop!!!

  • Gondu Sumfin 10 months ago

    Can I give you a boop? Just the tip of course

  • Lunatic 01 10 months ago

    i never see these things when i go to walmart XD

  • Lunatic 01 9 months ago

    @itsme bitch maybe ill start going later then lmao

  • itsme bitch 10 months ago

    You aint going late enough 😂 i once saw a large dude with a bikini top and sparkly pink mermaid leggings

  • Tanya Woodman 10 months ago

    ur cats getting fluffy/fat lol

  • Thikru 10 months ago

    After a year or so you can watch a timeline video from the First Fluffee video to the newest and see his cats slowly getting bigger.

  • Carol Morey 10 months ago

    First pic isn't dreadlocks. Its a fuzzy hat that matches a fuzzy collared shirt

  • Some Dude Named will 10 months ago

    He should be talking about the size of her breasts.

  • Taps fan 10 months ago

    Oh my God you're right!!! I'm not sure which is worse... However, I do like the subtle lip liner, very 1960s 😂😂😂!!

  • xXMediaTrix 10 months ago

    Next video: You’re bad at everything #16

  • Some Dude Named will 10 months ago

    @Bjarne B no.

  • Bjarne B 10 months ago

    Or just: You're bad

  • gamecock jenny 10 months ago

    I used to work for Walmart. And every two weeks ( when I got paid) I would love to just go shopping at target.

  • Inked Butterfly 10 months ago

    i work at Walmart and i do the same thing

  • Where's Nicholas Cage?

  • @Free Play it's because he bought a pillow with his face on it, not because I believe Nicholas Cage is the typical Walmart customer lmao

  • Free Play 10 months ago

    leave Nicholas Cage alooooooone!

  • richard wright 10 months ago

    Own the school year like a hero with guns 🔫

  • da broncobabe 10 months ago

    WTF Walmart????