Snuggy Hoods Anti-Itch Sheath Cover

  • Published on:  4/11/2014

    Inspired by our extremely successful Udder Cover we have spent a long time designing the Snuggy Sheath Cover. The clever design allows the horse/pony to still urinate comfortably but at the same time offering maximum protection of the sheath area.

    Made from the same fabric as the Sweet Itch Body it is a separate piece so can be removed for regular washing and attaches to the rug with strong Velcro fastenings. A must for those severe sufferers.

    Designed specifically and successfully trialled for use with the Sweet Itch Rug or Bug Body.

    If ordering the Sheath Cover alone you will need to let us know if you need the Velcro attachments to sew on to your rug.

    Sizes - XS to XL
    Colour - Beige, Haint Blue or Brown

    This is the Snuggy Hoods Sheath Cover. It offers protection and comfort from flies and midges, but allows your horse or pony to urinate without interference.

    The Sheath cover can be worn with the Snuggy Hoods sweet itch rug or the Snuggy Bug Body. It’s detachable with Velcro so can be frequently washed – all snuggy’s gear can go in the washing machine.

    We will sew the Velcro on for you - if you order the sheath cover at the same time as the Sweet Itch rug or snuggy bug body.

    The size of the sheath cover coordinates with the size of your rug – as you can see it fits nicely with the elasticated fillet string.

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