Making the SPIDER-MAN Mask! Movie Costume Replica

  • Published on:  3/30/2018
  • Full detailed step-by-step guide to making the Raimi spiderman costume mask. I spent months gathering all the footage and put it all together in a 10 minute fast forward video. All secrets that took me 14 years to develop are revealed. Watch how the spiderman face shell is assembled in this video: a spider-man story video here: The plaster spider-man head in the beginning of the video is 3D scanned, then the shape is duplicated in the form of a face shell design. The face shell is 3D printed at You can get your own in my shop on: spiderman fabric is printed digitally and the colors are enriched after with fabric dye. The webs are CNC milled and casted from urethane. The sides of the spiderman webs are painted dark gray afterwards.The webs are glued onto the fabric using Loctite 4861, which is a flexible super glue. The strip that goes on the inside of the face shell is used to keep the fabric in place. It is simply cut from foam rubber and provided with double sided carpet tape.


  • Mr.Founders 1 years ago

    Who else thinks he should do the full costume?

  • Zack WhoAmI 1 months ago

    Mr.Founders if he gets enough financial support, he might. This takes a lot of time and effort.

  • best player. 1 months ago

    "Pizza time"

  • Noah darden 1 months ago


  • Caleb Williford  1 months ago

    I think he is referencing Peter Parker’s line before he delivers pizzas, not TMNT 😂

  • Alexander Hollywood 4 months ago

    2:25 Aunt May helped out!

  • Valetorr La rata 10 days ago

    David Bourg you cant stand a joke right 🙄🙄🙄

  • Maximus Lay 15 days ago

    David Bourg r/woooooooooooosh oofff

  • Roger Dodger 1 months ago

    Looks so legit from the 2002 film

  • James Hughes 19 days ago

    Dude - this is SERIOUS!! Is this a hobby for you, or are you actually in the business!?

  • Harunnix 6 months ago

    if Peter Parker made this at home he should stop being a photographer and start working as a desginer

  • Lara Spielberg 14 days ago


  • EmperorOfNYC 5 months ago

    *Live Footage of Peter Parker creating his suit in the 2002 film leaked*

  • Vixing 1 months ago

    Dance.vlogs. Sports lol 1day ago lmao

  • Dance.vlogs. Sports 1 months ago

    Not live

  • David Wheeler 1 months ago

    8 more seconds and you would be rich

  • PENGIPLAYS 19 16 days ago

    Lol yeah

  • Oh because of ad revenue

  • STOP 1 months ago

    Some people buy their costumes off ebay or amazonBut not us

  • Souza Boys 15 days ago

    Whatever it takes...

  • Panda The kat 23 days ago

    STOP ✋🏻

  • Soithang Simte 5 months ago

    Damn I pity Peter Parker becoz he has to go through all this when his mask got torn several times😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • zooey -gacha 5 days ago

    Soithang Simte no