Deontay Wilder Knocks Down Tyson Fury in Round 12 | SHOWTIME PPV



  • Samy N
    Samy N an hour ago

    Wilder should stop his fucking random punch all missing after Fury up he should focus! Anyway

  • Denis Nadein
    Denis Nadein 5 hours ago

    Line it up with the video. Ref started counting at 2:04 he’s at 9 at 1:55. His head did hit the canvas at 2:05 however the ref took a second to start counting but he was defiantly up looked strong would u really take that away from the boy. Great call

  • Justin J
    Justin J 6 hours ago

    Rigged. Barely even hit him

    HIIIPOWER 000 7 hours ago

    That was a knockout

  • Outlier Genetix
    Outlier Genetix 7 hours ago

    who else heard the rocky theme when fury shot up?

  • M Brown
    M Brown 7 hours ago

    Those two punches took 5 years off his life.

  • Tim G
    Tim G 9 hours ago

    Watchin the replay rite now, Wilder is just loading up the right hand, no combinations, he looks like he had no gameplan

  • TheArmedassailant
    TheArmedassailant 9 hours ago

    He fat

  • Darnell Jefferson
    Darnell Jefferson 9 hours ago

    The best heavyweight I’ve seen in a looooong time; looking forward to rematch or trilogy

  • Rent To Own Rent To Own

    The ref slows down his was knocked out...period. Wilder giving up 50 pounds....incredible he was able to ko this guy.

  • Billy Nelson
    Billy Nelson 10 hours ago

    God helped him up as much as god curated the holocaust, if he’s real he doesn’t give to shits who wins your boxing contest, wilder by knockout in the rematch, love both guys great fight

  • Cortney Everett
    Cortney Everett 11 hours ago

    Wider won on that ko.the ref started 1 second late and he hesitated on his count pay attention🧐

  • Pablows Esjobar
    Pablows Esjobar 12 hours ago

    Honestly it wasn’t 10 seconds you can’t start counting after his body hits the floor. You count like .5 seconds after you see them not move a muscle then you start and even then.
    How mad would have everyone bin had he just called it over for not being 100% stood he’s was on his knees at 7 already

  • Chris Corcione
    Chris Corcione 13 hours ago

    Niiiiiine!!!! WTF it took him 9 seconds to say 9!!!! Some bullshit

  • Stoned Gamer
    Stoned Gamer 14 hours ago

    He was robbed...that was a K.O watch the clock

  • MegaProjectpat
    MegaProjectpat 14 hours ago

    He was knocked down at the 0:16 mark, and was on his feet before the 0:26, I dont know what Wilder is saying that the ref took too long to start counting...

  • David David
    David David 15 hours ago

    fury was on the canvas for the moment he touched the canvas. for 10 seconds.... go back and see for ur self

  • samuel samarripa
    samuel samarripa 16 hours ago

    I googled bum fights and this shit came up. YOLO!

  • life life 17 hours ago

    As soon as he hits the canvas start the count......1...1000.....2.....1000 etc. He doesnt beat the count the ref lagged during the count. To me wilder won but kudos to Tyson fury for getting up from that shot all heart right there.

  • Matt
    Matt 18 hours ago

    I love those 11 counts