Top 12 Dragon Ball Fights | 6 | DBCember 2018 | Team Four Star (TFS)



  • HavokStrifeX 6 months ago

    Pretty obvious it's Goku's favorite fight. Dude wished for an reincarnation to do it again.

  • Pastor Tracy Wilkins 3 months ago

    HavokStrifeX seriously tho, where is Uub?

  • Zuma Dude 5 months ago

    Buuhan is stronger as buutenks mentions he’s the strongest Majin if all time

  • VINOS 6 months ago

    Kid buu may not have been the strongest buu but he was brutal

  • Jin Torimizu 5 months ago

    Wayne Cox Wayne Cox maybe with gohan absorbed he possibly could be, but he was able to hold his own against super buu with gotenks absorbed when gohan was looking for the potata until gotenks fusion wore off. You did get me on how goku acted like that before but still he has made some dumb decisions before

  • Jin Torimizu 5 months ago

    Hikaro Black i didnt say he was called that cause he acts like a kid, i was just saying he looks like a kid

  • TriTomMaximum 6 months ago

    You got to love how despite the fact that all of existence is on the line, Vegeta and Goku still have time to play Rock Paper Scissors to fight the big bad.

  • Some Guy 6 months ago

    Eh, Kid Buu was sleeping off a hangover. They had plenty of time while the pink blob was battling its own psychoses.

  • why is vegeta even there at that point? shoulda just went home with dende

  • Anne Schultz 6 months ago

    number 1 is yamcha vs saibaman right

  • Obviously

  • Marat Nahimana 6 months ago

    Seriously is there anyone out there who actually respects Yamcha ?

  • “My head tentacle” -Super BuuI always found that to be a weird term?

  • warezIbanez 6 months ago

    More like head tendril, I would think.

  • Nikodem Ossowski 6 months ago

    technically it's fairly redundant since all tentacles we encounter IRL are head tentacles

  • TheXenosaiyangamer 6 months ago

    Bubble gum, cherry pop, or pink rubber tires. Wonder what Goku is going to taste when he bites Majin Buu in the abridged series?

  • Jeff K 6 months ago

    Grape. Goku'll hate it

  • Jeff Tocco 6 months ago

    just hope hes not grape flavored

  • Comrade Weedity 6 months ago

    Say what you want about Super Saiyan 3, I was always pumped to see goku fight in that form. Especially the Kid Buu fight!

  • DieGorn1000 6 months ago

    @ForeverLaxx No wonder it is usless outside the context of Z since it immediately got replaced by god transformation. Power increase never was enough because Goku in Buu saga never fought anyone that is as strong or just a bit stronger than his SSJ2 (expect Vegeta where as we know Goku didn't want to use it). How is it supposed to turn the tide if it had just 2 opponents in total that would pulverize Goku if he tried to stay SSJ2 for longer?I would like U6 Sayians to learn it and Gotenks to be useful...

  • ForeverLaxx 6 months ago

    @DieGorn1000It's not useless in the context Z, but it is definitely impractical. Its achille's heel is the massive stamina drain, relegating the form to a "last ditch effort" sort of thing. It's nothing that can be maintained long enough, and we've seen basically every time it's used that the power increase either isn't enough or doesn't last long enough to turn the tide. This is why people say it's useless.

  • TerminalVerbosity 6 months ago

    Buu is basically a Looney Tunes character that got lost.

  • kyle cyrus 5 months ago

    This. Same as Nui from kill la kill

  • Morgan Dunn 6 months ago

    That's what some of the best villains have: They're both scary and funny

  • Max Marriner 6 months ago

    I’m loving this countdown, I just wish they wouldn’t give away each pick in the thumbnail...

  • The man With three Hs 6 months ago


  • Zakana 6 months ago

    I honestly don’t mind the thumbnail.What really pissed me off was the spoiler with the first in the countdown.MasikoX made a video talking about it, and wasn’t happy with the trailer giving it away, so seeing the rest of TFS just roll it out...

  • RedTeamReview 6 months ago

    I would've been pissed if this fight didn't make the list. I love Kid Buu because he is above the last two big badies as a villain. He doesn't do the cliche monologue bad guy thing and just goes for the destruction of earth immediately.

  • Asmosis Jones 5 months ago

    i forget how good this fight really is..shame cause its my favorite part of the series...something about 2 saiayns choosing to fight buu without fusing is special to me..its just perfectly set up..and payed off..

  • david chamberlain 6 months ago

    Kid buu would've won if dende hadn't restored gokus energy...either fav character in the tenkaichi game series