2020 iPad Pro vs 2018 iPad Pro - Every Difference Tested

  • Published on:  3/26/2020
  • We compare everything between the 2020 and 2018 iPad Pros including performance, speakers, microphones, WiFi speed, cameras, LiDar scanner and more!
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    Timestamps ⬇️
    Introduction - 00:00
    Size & Weight Differences - 0:44
    Camera Bumps Compared - 1:32
    Keyboard Case Compatibility - 1:51
    Face ID Speed Compared - 3:28
    Any Display Differences? - 3:51
    Speaker Comparison - 4:37
    Camera Comparison - 5:11
    Microphone Quality Compared - 5:50
    LiDar Scanner Augmented Reality - 6:06
    Performance Comparison - 7:51
    WiFi 6 Internet Speed Test - 10:06
    Specs & Prices Compared - 10:46
    Which iPad Pro to buy in 2020? - 11:30

    Apple's 2020 iPad Pro comes with some awesome new features, like a new 10MP ultra-wide camera that I personally love for shooting 4K 60FPS video.

    It comes with updates specs like WiFi 6 and a new A12Z chip that we test and compare in this video!

    It also comes with a brand new LiDAR scanner sensor which uses lasers to detect depth, which helps for Augmented Reality apps and games!

    The best part is that it is still priced at the same $799, but it actually comes with double the storage: 128GB!

    There are some small differences like in the battery size as well.

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