24 Hour Overnight Camping Challenge in Our Back Yard - Merrell Twins

  • Published on:  7/2/2019
  • We went camping overnight in our backyard for the first time. See if we survive for 24 hours! Thank you Secret Outlast Deodorant for sponsoring this video: https://bit.ly/308ALyZ #ad SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL HERE ▶ http://bit.ly/2dSP9Fg JOIN VERY IMPORTANT POTATOES ▶ https://bit.ly/2DUhNE2MERRELL TWINS MERCH ▶ https://www.districtlines.com/Merrell...MORE VIDEOSBOX BOAT RACE: https://youtu.be/kCSofkP5bw8GIANT BOARD GAME https://youtu.be/jkR27Z1IVHsTHE FIRST DATE https://youtu.be/IydaRQClUBYTHE BREAK UP https://youtu.be/MyS8AjVj9FQLIE DETECTOR TEST https://youtu.be/tijeaTxfKVQGUESS THAT YOUTUBER ft Collins Keyhttps://youtu.be/zCsWskfUGtMFOLLOW USINSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/MerrellTwinsINSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/vanessamerrellINSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/veronicamerrellTWITTER https://twitter.com/MerrellTwinsTWITTER https://twitter.com/VanessaMerrellTWITTER https://twitter.com/veronicamerrellwww.merrelltwins.com#24hours#MerrellTwins#camping


  • Odst soldier
    Odst soldier 1 months ago+2445

    I ain’t gonna lie that “commercial” seemed like an actual commercial that would be placed on TV

  • Kyra Howell
    Kyra Howell 1 months ago+826

    Nessa: “roni, did you here that?”
    Roni: “no,”
    Nessa : “there something out there,”
    Roni: “GO AWAY!”

  • Rylie Hansen
    Rylie Hansen 1 months ago+384

    At laughed so hard at 17:35
    Paul: poor Roni
    Nessa: poor roni? Did you just say poor roni, I just got burnt

  • Tanisha Ambrin
    Tanisha Ambrin 28 days ago+499

    I love how Nessa and Roni call their parents Daddy and Mommy it’s so CUTE!

  • Missy_SumSum
    Missy_SumSum 1 months ago+500

    The light behind them at 14:06 right when Siri said "oh, she's right behind you"
    That gave me chills and I screeched

  • Ava Wisniewski
    Ava Wisniewski 1 months ago+1628

    Last number of your like is who you are:
    0: A potato 🥔
    1: Vanessa
    2: Veronica
    3: Paul
    4: Wendy (aka their mom)
    5: Tiger
    6: Hedgie
    7: Issac (their cousin)
    8 Nathan (their cousin
    9: Quirky (their cat) don’t know how to spell it 😂

  • Ninjapoop31
    Ninjapoop31 1 months ago+516

    Vanessa: what was that!?....MOMMY
    Roni: spits water out
    Me :cant even open my eyes from laughing help!

  • Athena Lomelia
    Athena Lomelia 1 months ago+191

    Nessa: I think theres something out there....
    Veronica: Go away

  • Katrina Close
    Katrina Close 1 months ago+169

    Pig noise intensifies: 14:23 XD

  • jιѕoo вear
    jιѕoo вear 28 days ago+134

    Roni's ''we don't know what to do song'' though lmao
    and can we appreciate nessa's laugh at 8:56

  • Maria Chamorro
    Maria Chamorro 1 months ago+2623

    okay, can we please talk about how much thought they put in their commercial🤧 professional TV content right there

  • Khansaa M
    Khansaa M 7 days ago+16

    19:12 Roni and Nessa face the ultimate challenge
    Animals SPINKLERS

  • Aby marie
    Aby marie 1 months ago+89

    The fact that when Siri said oh she’s behind you the flash light was right behind roni

  • Joyce Thiha
    Joyce Thiha 1 months ago+65

    17:13 : me talking to someone,
    17:17: me talking crap about them behind their back

  • Amy Nguyen’
    Amy Nguyen’ 1 months ago+76

    This reminds me of when .......
    1. Young James Charles tried to build a tent
    2. When Emma Chamberlain build a tent but it didn’t work
    3. When the Dolan Twins went camping overnight with no electronics
    4.When the Dolan twins build a tent
    (Sorry about my grammar)

  • Ms Generic
    Ms Generic 1 months ago+451

    Sorry to interrupt you scrolling
    Who else loves Merrell twins
    And Paul Merrell
    And don’t forget mysterious mother Merrell
    Edit: Thanks for the likes it shows the support the Merrell family has

  • Genesis Garcia
    Genesis Garcia 1 months ago+38

    After 14:23 nessa sounds like a pig screaming then roni onk

  • Gizzy Rabe
    Gizzy Rabe 1 months ago+62

    Bird chirps
    Roni: GoOd MoRnInG tO yOu ToO!

  • Sarel Zgheib
    Sarel Zgheib 1 months ago+47

    19:12 I LAUGHED SOOOOO HARDDD😂😂😂 U girlss are the cutesttttt

  • Hidmi Wansanatha
    Hidmi Wansanatha  1 months ago+54

    Roni: what do people normally do when they camp
    Paul: tell ghost stories
    Nessa: ghost stories? poor me why did I ask him 😂👻