Top 5 Best and Most Memorable Moments in World of Warcraft History

  • Published on:  9/27/2016
  • World of Warcraft, the monster MMORPG game by Blizzard that was released in 2004 has not only caused a massive stir in the gaming community since it's release but also in the general media as well, South Park have had an episode dedicated to the game as well as being referenced in other TV shows like the Big Bang Theory and movies like the Day the Earth Stood Still. With World of Warcraft nearing it's 12th anniversary, the long lifespan of this enigma of a game has had many historical moments but what are the most memorable moments in the game's history? In this top 5 video, we're going to look at my top 5 most memorable in-game World of Warcraft moments.

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    --- Top 5 Best and Most Memorable Moments in WoW History ---

    5. Nostalrius Server Shutting Down
    4. Southshore vs. Tarren Mill
    3. The Corrupt Blood Plague Incident
    2. The Zombie Plague, Wrath Pre-Patch Event
    1. The Opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj

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    Top 5 Best and Most Memorable Moments in World of Warcraft History