NIKI - Sugarplum Elegy (Official Audio)

  • Published on:  12/12/2018
  • ok so Sugarplum Elegy is out on all platforms.... a full year later 😂 i love y’all happy holidays

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    Written and Produced by NIKI


    To commemorate the year I’ve had, this is a personal holiday gift from me to you. “Sugarplum Elegy”.

    This song literally came out of nowhere. I fully wrote and self-produced this in my bedroom, during a time where I felt cold and clogged, in every sense.

    It’s funny because while I’ve achieved all these insane milestones professionally, this year has actually been the toughest personally.

    But you and your support — you’ve been my Constants. Through the mountaintops and the valleys, you’ve been there. and I cannot thank you enough for putting me in this position. I love you guys so much!!!

    Shoutout to my amazing team and family at 88rising for letting me put this out on such short notice, the way I want to. Apologies for the pre-holiday headaches!! Thank you for always believing in me.

    SO. From me to all of you, no gimmicks, no bullshit, just music —

    Happy holidays. I hope you like it.

    See you next year.

    x NIKI


    Seven months older,
    Air’s getting cold, our bed’s startin’ to creak
    God knows where you are,
    I’m here waiting for love through a screen

    You show me the outfit you chose
    for the dinner and tonight’s show,
    Must be nice to be your clothes.

    Second to none even at your worst,
    Sometimes I wish you’d put me first
    Nowadays you’re such a blur

    We keep dancing around the innocent truth that we’re just...

    Out of time (ooh)
    Must I die before you feel alive? (ooh)
    A curse in a graceful disguise

    I love you too much to stay in love.

    How are you darling? How are you, really?
    How was Taiwan? (you never say)

    Thanks for the flowers, but you’ve been here hours
    yet your coat’s still very much on

    Tiptoein’ around the bitter truth but we both know...

    It's just time (ooh)
    Must I die before you feel alive? (ooh)
    A curse in a graceful disguise

    Great was our love, it was one for the books
    We gave it the best that we could
    but I won’t recite all my lines just to watch you and I...lie.

    I’m so proud I got to love you once.