2020 iPhone Guide: Which One Should You Buy?

  • Published on:  4/28/2020
  • Should you buy the iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max? With so many options in the mix, I went hands-on with them to find which one is right for you. Let me know down in the comments which one you decided to purchase, if you decided to buy a new iPhone at all!
    The iPhone 11 is probably the right option for most of you out there searching!

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    0:00 Intro
    0:48 iPhone lineup commonalities
    4:21 4 different screen sizes
    4:36 iPhone SE in-depth
    7:50 iPhone XR in-depth
    10:57 iPhone 11 in-depth
    14:40 iPhone 11 Pro in-depth
    18:35 iPhone 11 Pro Max in-depth
    20:00 Which iPhone should you buy?
    21:09 My iPhone of choice

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