New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?

  • Published on:  11/5/2018
  • Apple’s new iPad Pro is a beast of a tablet, and Nilay Patel reviews it -- everything from its new design and screen to plugging in several devices to the new USB-C port. Dami Lee and William Joel, professional creatives at The Verge, also give their insight into the new iPad and Apple Pencil. Subscribe:'s a link to buy the iPad Pro: we sometimes place affiliate links directly to the best deals in our video descriptions, so we may earn a commission if you buy something.Like The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:


  • EposVox
    EposVox 9 months ago+3046

    "I don't want to adapt to my computer, I want my computer to adapt to me." THIS IS THE BEST LINE IN ANY REVIEW.
    Brutal review here. I love it. These are the issues that have always kept me from getting one.

  • Ying Dong
    Ying Dong 4 months ago+95

    Imagine a nuclear reactor powers a fishing boat; this is that.

  • Spazza42
    Spazza42 2 months ago+68

    Well, iPadOS will fix most of these gripes

  • Amin Bajrektarevic
    Amin Bajrektarevic 9 months ago+210

    It's a shame about the software. I have a 2017 12.9 pro and I never came close to the limits of the A10x processor. This A12x is great and all but just a gimmick at this point as there isn't one app to take advantage of that properly. Apple really needs to redesign iOS from ground up to make this thing useful, or just make a modified macOS version.

  • Theodore Yamada-Dessert
    Theodore Yamada-Dessert 9 months ago+386

    Simple...Do you draw? - Get an iPad Pro. You don’t draw? - Get a laptop

  • Bhavik Singh
    Bhavik Singh 9 months ago+268

    I just wish apple's education discounts were more significant

  • Mk ._. queen22
    Mk ._. queen22 9 months ago+5

    Nah it will never defeat the microsoft surface pro 🙂

  • Danj126
    Danj126 2 months ago+7

    Imagine Tony Stark’s arc reactor only being used to power your lamp. This is that

  • Careless Demon
    Careless Demon 2 months ago+18

    thats why apple brought up iPadOS. i am looking forward to it

  • hicamajig
    hicamajig 9 months ago+49

    This video is a perfect summary of the iPad Pro. In its current state it is a professional device for professionals and creatives who are using it for a specific purpose and are in a setting where the cost for that purpose is worth it. I think Apples biggest mistake is trying to half market it as a laptop/desktop replacement because while sure certain types of workflow can take advantage of this, the average user may see this and get frustrated when they try to use it as their one and only device (unless it is just an overpriced netflix/youtube/email box). This is of course unless we get an iOS 13/14 that swoops in and fixes the gripes. The two most common ones I hear/see are lack of file system support (including external usb) for management of large files and as stated in the video directly opening them in apps like the new Photoshop CC, and lack of mouse for things like excel. Essentially every other OS supports both of these things so it is doable, we just need to make it clear in their mind that it is what we want.

  • Rocco Casadei
    Rocco Casadei 9 months ago+963

    Finally, a not-overenthusiastic, systematic, comprehensive review of this thing from a professional's perspective. Thumbs up Nilay!

  • Doc_ Parichay
    Doc_ Parichay 8 months ago+3

    let me make it simple-
    "Its a big iphone with usb C which doesn't support hard drives"

  • vanMrMann
    vanMrMann 8 months ago+45

    This would be an instant buy for me if it would support desktop apps…

  • S Winter
    S Winter 9 months ago+1

    Great review! I agree, Ipad's are the best tablets out there and the Ipad Pro 2018 is the best there is but it will never replace a laptop.

  • Wolkify
    Wolkify 9 months ago+6

    i mostly use my macbook pro for editing my video content, so i will stick to that. i doubt that i will ever be able to do that well on an iPad...

  • Victor Chiang
    Victor Chiang 9 months ago+631

    Someone FINALLY answered the "laptop replacement question" correctly.

  • Stan Carpenter-Rickert
    Stan Carpenter-Rickert 2 months ago+11

    The new iPadOS fixes most all of the “issues” talked about in this video.

  • NORAノラ:-:
    NORAノラ:-: 3 months ago+4

    I have an iPad pro it's amazing I bought an apple pencil because I am a little artist and it's help a lot!❤️

  • elvyra yap
    elvyra yap 6 months ago

    Thank youuuu for the review!!! Im going to mbp 2018!!!

  • Eli Johnson
    Eli Johnson 9 months ago+1

    can it run crysis on ultra settings