Who Is Mothman? - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  • Published on:  5/1/2019
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  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph 3 months ago+7645

    You either die a caterpillar, or you live long enough to see yourself become a moth.

  • Tobías Chaparro
    Tobías Chaparro 3 months ago+2567

    LOL. At first I thought it was the billionaire guy, but by the end it was CLEAR who the real mothman was.
    Chip looked fishy from the first episode...

  • AR15Si
    AR15Si 3 months ago+472

    Thanos: I am inevitable
    Mothman: *flapping and slapping*

  • Gabbie 19
    Gabbie 19 3 months ago+701

    When You see your friend across the road.. 1:10

  • Nikola Bornová
    Nikola Bornová 3 months ago+644

    The butler just have epilepsy.
    The real Mothman is...
    (sorry, I wrote the name on my cotton sleeve, it's gone)

  • Arceus Lord of Creation
    Arceus Lord of Creation 3 months ago+675

    Well I guess we’ll never know who Mothman really is,
    it’s probably better that way

  • Tiberium Crystal
    Tiberium Crystal 3 months ago+188

    Therapist: so how's your life going?
    My life: 1:18

  • Lunatic Pran
    Lunatic Pran 3 months ago+505

    How come that butler is so multi talented?!
    Because he's Mothman!!

  • Siyah GÜNEŞ
    Siyah GÜNEŞ 3 months ago+112

    I'll do you one better
    Why is mothman?

  • Joe Vanerp
    Joe Vanerp 3 months ago+3744

    Someone get John batman over here to stop this creep...

  • Rogue_K 2
    Rogue_K 2 3 months ago+107

    We all know MothMan is Chip Chapley and is just doing these interviews to cover it up

  • F_X
    F_X 3 months ago+202

    Brilliant!!! I actually thought it was the billionare, nicely played, nicely played!

  • Zaenimasi
    Zaenimasi 3 months ago+72

    Everybody ask who is mothman...
    What about how is mothman?

  • Shawna The Cat
    Shawna The Cat 3 months ago+47

    Why do moths fly around as if they've drank a literal gallon of LSD?

  • Larque Fausse
    Larque Fausse 3 months ago+4037

    The best joke was "billionaire entomologist."

  • Nx Vernxual
    Nx Vernxual 3 months ago+30

    Lol I like Milford the butler and everything he does, also I'm not gonna lie but I enjoy the way how he sips the tea

  • Richard Zandburg
    Richard Zandburg 3 months ago+75

    Mothman is a butler
    But what about coughman?
    He is sick. Badum tiss.

  • Road warrior 799
    Road warrior 799 3 months ago+10

    The way mothman was moving made me lose it.

  • Grandmaster Reaper
    Grandmaster Reaper 3 months ago+7

    Who else thought that the rich guy's look at the beginning was perverted ?

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando 3 months ago+8

    C&H cinematic universe confirmed, half off Oscar already cut off 50% of the Galaxy.