Android 12 Developer Preview 2 -GCam Split Screen Support, PiP Pinch-to-Zoom, One-Handed Mode & More

  • Published on:  3/17/2021
  • In this video am going to show you all the new functional and visual changes in Android 12 Developer Preview 2, there are quite few exciting features in this build and below are the new changes:

    Android 12 Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
    - PiP support pinch-to-zoom.
    - PiP has bigger size.
    - PiP pinch-to-zoom & bigger size are supported in Apps & videos

    Android 12 One-Handed Mode:
    - Ability to turn it on in settings.
    - Ability to set a time out window for the one-handed mode.
    - Automatically deactivate one-handed mode when switching apps.
    - Ability to tap and hold on home indicator to reveal the hidden part of the app.

    Google Camera Split Screen Support in Android 12:
    - Ability to use GCam in split screen
    - Ability to play videos from Google photos while recording a video using the camera app in split screen mode

    Android 12 Screenshots:
    - Adding emojis to screenshots no longer available in developer preview 2

    Android 12 Lock Screen Tweaks:
    - Emergency call button change.
    - New PIN keypad design.
    - Thicker pattern trail line

    Android 12 Home Screen
    - New widgets picker will show the widgets in a list with collapsible items for each app.
    - Some icons are smaller with rounded circle around them.
    Recent Apps Screen
    - App icons now float over the app cards

    Media Controls
    - Media controls no longer match the album art color but they will match the device accent color instead.

    Dark theme
    - It has lighter background color for the notifications shade, the app drawer and settings while the app folder and quick app shortcuts are darker

    Styles & wallpaper app
    - Tweaked screens while creating new styles

    - New design with light grey color for the background and the search bar is slightly elevated.
    - More prominent horizontal lines to separate between menu items
    - New toggles for dark theme, night light, adaptive battery, do not disturb & adaptive
    - NFC has a new toggle to require device unlock for NFC interactions.
    - New “View battery usage” button under battery settings.
    - Battery saver got a new toggle

    Extra hidden features
    Android 12 DP2: People Space widget takes shape, reminds you to talk to your friends and family:

    Android 12 DP2: New device search bar in the works for Pixel Launcher, possibly others

    Android 12 DP2: ‘Game dashboard’ to add quick access to recording, YouTube streaming, more

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    ***Time Codes***

    0:00 – Intro
    0:32 – Build Number
    0:44 – Picture-in-Picture
    2:18 – One-Handed mode
    4:12 – Gcam Split Screen Support
    5:11 – Screenshots
    5:22 – Lock Screen Refinements
    6:05 – New Widgets Picker
    6:43 – Apps Icons Tweaks
    7:10 – Recent Apps Screen
    7:17 – Light Theme Tweaks
    7:42 – Dark Theme Tweaks
    8:06 – Media Controls New Styling
    8:23 – App Folders Tweaks
    8:28 – Styles & Wallpapers App
    8:49 – Settings
    10:56 – Hidden Features
    11:24 - Outro

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