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  • Published on:  3/4/2018
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    Open for FAQ, stationery used & other information! ✏️

    Hello everyone!
    Today I'm giving you 10 study tips (+3 on my studying amino page!) that I personally find to be helpful and effective. I know that not all study tips work for everyone, but I hope at least some of the tips can be helpful for you ☺️ I've tried to include tips that work for all types of subjects and levels of education!

    I was actually sick while recording most of the voiceover for this video, so that is why my voice may sound different than usual. I hope this doesn't bother you too much!

    This video does contain a paid promotion for Studying Amino, but this does not affect the rest of the video! I've tried out Studying Amino for a while now myself and really enjoyed using the app, so please know that I would never promote something I didn't find helpful myself 💕

    Also here's some important information!
    I'll be away next weekend so I won't be able to upload next Sunday. However I do have a video planned for Wednesday, so I'll see you again in just 3 days! It will be a shorter video than usual, but I wanted to publish something for you ☺️ I still think you're going to like it!

    My next regular video will be published in 2 weeks! But feel free to check out my Instagram to get some updates on what I'll be doing when I'm away.

    As always, I wish you a lovely week ahead! ☀️ Thank you for always being supportive, and for almost 70.000 subscribers!
    Remember to always try your best to work towards your goals, but also to take care of yourselves and put your health and wellness first.

    Studytee xx

    More brain warm up exercises: https://www.learning-mind.com/8-simple-brain-warm-up-exercises/

    I learned the study tip of recording yourself reading notes from sg_studies01: instagram.com/sg_studies01

    Infographic & more information about the curve of forgetting: https://elearninginfographics.com/memory-retention-and-the-forgetting-curve-infographic/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+eLearningInfographics+(eLearningInfographics)


    - IQ test/brain training book: "Hjernetrening" by Kaja Nordengen (not available in English yet I think!)
    - Mechanical pencil: pentel energize
    - Black pen: pentel energel 0.5mm needle tip
    - Post it notes: clas ohlson
    - Red pen: pilot g2-07
    - Notebooks: WHITELINES
    - Whiteboard + whiteboard pen: clas ohlson
    - Lined notebook for summaries: muji B5

    - Voice recorder: the app that comes with the iphone
    - Flash card website/app: Quizlet (I use the free version)
    - Website for video lectures: Khan Academy

    FAQ (will not be answered in comments):

    Which grade are you in?
    - I'm currently on a gap year after high school

    Why are you studying if you're on a gap year?
    - I'm studying for a math exam necessary to get into the course I want to study in university this year. I'm also self-studying biology and chemistry to get a solid foundation for the subjects I'll be taking in university, as well as to get some repetition so I don't forget everything I learned in high school.

    Where do you buy (name of stationery item)?
    - If nothing else is specified I got it from a local book/stationery store. Google the brands to see where it's sold in your country!

    How old are you/where do you live/what's your name?
    - I prefer not to answer these questions for privacy reasons. I'm on a gap year after high school/before university so that is a good indicator for my age, I'm from somewhere in Norway, and I go by the name studytee/Tee here on the internet :)

    Can you send me your notes, or do you sell them?
    - I post my notes on Instagram, and other than that I don't share/sell them, I'm sorry!

    *Question/comment about my voice*
    - I am aware that I have a child-like voice, but that’s just the voice I was given. This is my «natural voice», and if you don’t like it then your computer or phone probably has a mute button somewhere. There, problem solved!


    My instagram: instagram.com/studytee

    For business enquiries: contact.studytee@gmail.com
    (Non-business enquiries will not be answered on this mail address. If you'd like to ask me a question or send me a message then please send me a DM on instagram!)


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