Best New Infected Zombie Game Mode in PUBG Mobile! with TypicalGamer

  • Published on:  3/2/2019
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  • Spot Gaming
    Spot Gaming 5 months ago+509

    My mom is not dead
    My dog ain’t dead
    It’s not my birthday
    So Can I just get a like?

  • Ron Carter
    Ron Carter 4 months ago+11

    Let's get about like 15 thousand likes for fun

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 5 months ago+23

    Plz make more pubg vids luv it preston😀😀😀😀😀

  • chadehm drudwynn
    chadehm drudwynn yesterday

    i play pubg mobile andi got a a cool oatfit😎

  • Kyle Luis Dela Cruz

    I know your rich way don't you buy UC

  • That Blue Guy
    That Blue Guy 4 months ago+4

    Now in April 17 the event is over :( i wish PUBG MOBILE added Zombie Mode Classic like in PC that the zombies are not bots and they are real players

  • Blake Christie-Johnston
    Blake Christie-Johnston 4 months ago+4

    can you add the cool player in pubg please and can add me as well bigfootA80 and thanks you and have fun

  • Kendra Soto
    Kendra Soto 2 months ago+3

    I know PUBG is kinda better then Fortnite

  • Ragin kid XD
    Ragin kid XD 4 months ago+3

    You don't need discord to chat with them just have to use mic in pubg and the speaker to speak

  • g0ku
    g0ku 5 months ago+363

    For the 1% of people that see this
    You can not get cursed by comments anymore I give you this power

  • pubg gamering kinu
    pubg gamering kinu 4 months ago+6

    Yes I play this game this is my best game ever PUBG mobile

  • Its Vince
    Its Vince 4 months ago+3

    Preston (prestonarsme) Accept me pls my i sent you a friend request my name us AlvincentLei

  • Rafael Marquez
    Rafael Marquez 3 months ago+2

    im Level 100. my name in pubg mobile is nachospro1234

  • Salvador Dizon
    Salvador Dizon 4 months ago+3

    Pls play more and can u add friend me name-ajay11dorado

  • Williyadi Chandra
    Williyadi Chandra 3 months ago+2

    Dude theres an update on PUBG MOBILE 20 April 2019 the zombies is getting hard

  • Shrikershock Playz
    Shrikershock Playz 5 months ago+3

    Can you play more PUBG PLEASE PLEACE PLEASE

  • juniaslaureen
    juniaslaureen 4 months ago+3

    Be carful for the tyrant he’s the boss

  • ELTIMODZ -Finscéal-
    ELTIMODZ -Finscéal- 4 months ago+8

    Lol ur level 1.Did u download this game for a video...

  • Diana Diaz Rivera
    Diana Diaz Rivera 5 months ago+52

    Preston go to shelter there is a 80% that there is a mini gun and a 20% flame thrower check the hole that is close to a small building

  • Sulthan Fattah
    Sulthan Fattah 4 months ago+2

    you can play pubg in laptop and computer just download tencet gaming buddy