Stealing From My Dentist w/ Emirichu

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Get Quidd here! were really nice to me, so please check them out!Here's a playlist of Emirichu's best videos! with the one I was in, obviously)Backgrounds and primary animation by the absurdly talented Alyssa: sequence by Illymation: I got a mail box if you want to send me stuff! :D1038 E Bastanchury Rd #111Fullerton, CA 92835


  • Emirichu 10 months ago

    Check out Tim's stickers on Quidd! And dont forget to shame him for his childhood wrongdoings :D

  • Funtime foxy Gacha an hour ago


  • Manuel Medina 6 days ago

    of course

  • Dizzy Saturn 6 months ago

    The real question isIs his name tim or tom?

  • Carmelo Pacheco 15 hours ago

    I think Tim

  • Nerdilicious 567 21 hours ago

    its neither

  • Emilythe_ potterhead 8 months ago

    Why did I read the title as “I stole my dentist”

  • Guinea Pig Life 11 days ago

    Emilythe_ potterhead lmao me on every video

  • Leah Christianson 15 days ago

    ThatOneBisexualYutuber ! Same

  • blueberry animations 3 months ago

    The real question is, is it really stealing if its free?

  • Tayx2times 2 days ago

    @Nemo Rulz loll i see WHAT you did THERE 😂😭🙌🏽

  • Nemo Rulz 23 days ago

    It’s free balloon day all over again

  • Northwest C7 7 months ago

    2:10Please take ONE _____-piece-handful-bowlHmm.... They never specified

  • ExoSteelArmour 123 22 days ago

    I agree

  • Luna the what? 25 days ago

    Yea exactly they never seid if its a water fall of candy (if so then im takeing and eating it can not forget to eat)

  • illymation 10 months ago

    “I’ve never—“*”OK I DID THAT ONCE”*

  • Hyper Halo 6 days ago

    I shoved the whole thing and the bowl

  • YazanTDM Zeyad 9 days ago

    i don't get it

  • Møøñ Ärt 6 months ago

    All i got from my dentist were braces ;-;

  • Larsm19 21 days ago

    @The Mary Show Then it's still the orthodontist, but at the dentist's place.

  • Kayden Agustin 22 days ago


  • Username Jen 7 months ago

    All i got from dentist were some boring stickers 😖

  • i got spider man stickers

  • Snuggly Puggy 4 days ago

    I got a spanking with a belt

  • _*Yuma Yastic*_ 2 months ago

    I have subtitles on soo this is what it said at 5:07(The demon laughs just burst out of Tim and Emily)😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Flying Shurikens 4 days ago


  • Kai 29 days ago

    *_Yuma Yastic_* i just tried it and ot was real

  • Bronze 3 months ago

    It should probably be titled "ft Emirichu" so it doesn't sound like she helped steal from the dentist.

  • raspberiix 24 days ago

    she stole the dentist with tim

  • Cara Donnelly 3 months ago

    Haha nvm 😅