Stealing From My Dentist w/ Emirichu

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Get Quidd here!
    They were really nice to me, so please check them out!

    Here's a playlist of Emirichu's best videos!
    (starting with the one I was in, obviously)

    Backgrounds and primary animation by the absurdly talented Alyssa:

    Intro sequence by Illymation:

    ALSO I got a mail box if you want to send me stuff! :D

    1038 E Bastanchury Rd #111
    Fullerton, CA 92835


  • Emirichu
    Emirichu 4 months ago+4480

    Check out Tim's stickers on Quidd!:
    And dont forget to shame him for his childhood wrongdoings :D

  • Viviana Tapia
    Viviana Tapia 16 minutes ago


  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson 2 hours ago

    We don't get toys at my dentist, we get stickers

  • YEET GoesThePotato
    YEET GoesThePotato 8 hours ago+1

    *that’s weird*

  • Alex Skateboarding
    Alex Skateboarding 13 hours ago

    If you were Australian you would be Tim tam
    (The chocolate biscuits)

  • Kian Ritchie
    Kian Ritchie 18 hours ago

    look at 4:30 tim is dabbing

  • Wildwolf Animations
    Wildwolf Animations 18 hours ago+1

    I think we go to the same dentist XD

  • bigowen056
    bigowen056 19 hours ago

    When I was little my dentist also had a toy chest and when I was digging around to see the toy I wanted I found an old toy island Sonic the Hedgehog figure

  • Kawiwi
    Kawiwi 23 hours ago

    happy early biRTHDAY MAH DUDE

  • Miku Kitty
    Miku Kitty yesterday

    I dont go to the dentist...… but dont think I dont take care of my teeth!

  • ImNotDoneYet
    ImNotDoneYet yesterday

    Hey Tim I’m in the animation section of yt I’ve watched all of james videos jaidens Adams... AND YOUR NEXT MUHAHAHAHA

  • ThatDudeThatFliesYT

    I downloaded Quidd

  • The weird Kids
    The weird Kids yesterday

    My little pony is the best Yeet I don’t care about what the haters say BOIIIIII MY LITTLE PONY IS LIFE!!!! (DAB) XD but yeah lol I’m cringe and I love mlp suck it XD Help 💜

  • JTStarrProductions
    JTStarrProductions 2 days ago

    I'm quite fond of your animation! It's not super complex but it actually has soul - which I find can be lacking these days with animated commentaries. Great job.

  • The Dukies
    The Dukies 2 days ago


  • Gacha Hannah;-;
    Gacha Hannah;-; 2 days ago

    I never went to the densit and I’m 8

  • LerXgamer
    LerXgamer 2 days ago

    I found the ice cream cone and it’s totally not at 4:46 at the left of the screen on the shelf...

  • Nuggetmadness
    Nuggetmadness 2 days ago

    Tim? where are you?

  • Charlie Is The 1
    Charlie Is The 1 2 days ago

    That's weird

  • Frisk
    Frisk 3 days ago