[60 fps] Views of Tokyo, Japan, 1913-1915

  • Published on:  7/4/2020
  • Source video (with ambiance sound) – please subscribe to guy jones channel, he is doing an amazing job in ambiance sound adding: https://www.201tube.com/video/BYOGClmmeao/video.html

    🎞 Upscaled with neural networks footage from the dawn of film taken in Tokyo, Japan from 1913-1915.

    💌 You can reach me here: https://neural.love/

    ✔ FPS boosted to 60 frames per second, I have also fixed some playback speed issues;
    ✔ Faces are enhanced too – I have added to the pipeline of algorithms a neural network which is specially designed for facial restoration.
    ✔ Image resolution boosted up to 4k – with digital artifacts, but some parts are improved noticeably;
    ✔ Removed noise and fixed some damaged parts.
    ✔ Colorized – please, be aware that colorization colors are not real and fake, colorization was made only for the ambiance and do not represent real historical data.