Charles Barkley on LaVar Ball: 'I just don't like the guy at all' | Golic and Wingo | ESPN

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
  • Charles Barkley joins Golic and Wingo and criticizes LaVar Ball for sending LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball to Lithuania to play basketball and sums it up by saying "I just don't like the guy at all."

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  • Cel Asegamay
    Cel Asegamay 1 months ago


  • Haunted Astolfo bean plushie

    Charles Barkley a micro baller

  • stylus850
    stylus850 2 months ago


  • Joshua Willis
    Joshua Willis 2 months ago

    He don't like him for what reason? Because he talks about how much he believes in them and is using them to promote a family owned brand that his sons can fall back on?...don't other companies make money off of young kids like Nike and Jordan? Hell the NCAA makes billions off of athletes and some of them don't even have change to get them something to eat or any type of financial gains from playing and making money for the nccaa and the schools they play Least lavar is trying to show these athletes that you don't have to be slaves to these corporations that want you to toe the line and not be yourself or will drop you from the brand because of a allegation or miss your own boss and just invest in yourself like Floyd Mayweather did and you can build your own brand and have generational wealth...if guys like LeBron would have started a brand by themselves these dudes would be billionaire's right now cause if Nike can give you a 100 million dollar contract to promote the brand then that means they will probably make more than half a billion off your ass...y'all should be mad at the media if anything because they are the ones going up to lavar ball putting the camera and mic in his face and asking him his opinion...these athletes don't even realize lavar ball showing you how to invest in yourself instead of in these already established companies who's family members don't even have to work becaause of the generational wealth these companies can pass along to their kids and grandkids....these athletes need to wake the fuck up and stop making these companies richer than they should be..cause y'all don't have any black owners in the NFL our nba and they won't even sell you a team but you continue to make them money stupid muthafuckers

  • M M
    M M 3 months ago

    I don't always agree with Charles.I have to agree with him on his acessment on the Ball family.

  • Richard Curro
    Richard Curro 3 months ago

    Shut this lavar up....someone please

  • Michele Cobré
    Michele Cobré 3 months ago

    I somewhat agree with charles but we are being exploited even him working for whites white jews i rather make money and be independent and not go to college and be exploited off of the university's than to work with my father so we can build a brand and own our own shit than nike adidas to rip us off but why nobody say the same about kris jenner who prostitutes her kids and the kids allow it.

  • Jerome Johnson
    Jerome Johnson 3 months ago

    Joe Jackson did too

    TRAPPER TV 4 months ago

    He Loves making money of his kid, but doesn't care about bleaching them high yellow teeth: repulsive.

  • B G
    B G 5 months ago

    Lavar needs to stop speaking for his sons. That's my only problem with him. Now, the sons don't know how to think for themselves and speak when they get interviewed.

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 6 months ago

    Yeah,great idea! Don't play for a great college like duke,North Carolina, uconn,Kansas, or Syracuse and get coached up,and get a free education while you are there,send your teenagers to eastern Europe and struggle!!!!

  • mari turcios-martell
    mari turcios-martell 6 months ago

    I don't like the bastard either.... annoying, obnoxious, overbearing, controlling. That's not patenting.

  • splash brothers
    splash brothers 6 months ago


  • t100base
    t100base 7 months ago

    so a black man can't start a company ?

  • truth h
    truth h 7 months ago

    Charles is spot on.

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson 8 months ago

    I disagree with Charles. A father could be a WHOLE lot worse than Lavar Ball. Millions of kids wish they had a father like him. Also, people in glass houses should not throw stones. I am not aware of Lavar being arrested for soliciting prostitutes or driving while intoxicated. However, Charles did tell the world years ago that he was not a role model.....even though he has children himself.

  • carlton white
    carlton white 8 months ago

    Kuzman, "Yo, Lonzo, what yo daddy do for a living, fo real." Lonzo, "Urbody kno my daddy a pimp, nigga collect from me after every game." All money ain't good money, see past the hustle weedhoppers!


    Charles is mad cause his father wasn’t around

  • Ro Fu
    Ro Fu 8 months ago

    Barkley is dead on. LaVar is a fucking degenerate no-talent shitty father.