THE MOST MAIL WE'VE EVER SEEN (Super Cooper Sunday #161)

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Davis Kohl
    Davis Kohl 11 months ago+939

    Who else LOVES Super Cooper Sunday. Like if you agree

  • Jackie M
    Jackie M 11 months ago+157

    That scrapbook of letters is the nicest thing.

  • gaming pad
    gaming pad 11 months ago+71

    put carpet on the stairs so the koda is not scared of them (trev said that koda is scared of the space between each stair)like if you agree

  • dj
    dj 11 months ago+12

    why did i search super cooper sunday on youtube and a suggestion was "super cooper sunday cooper dies" i almost had a heart attack

  • Griggles
    Griggles 11 months ago+26

    Ay, thanks for including mine in the video mine was the 11:37 one for the bumblebee pillow, thanks!!

  • DMZ -
    DMZ - 11 months ago+266

    For some reason I wait for Super Cooper Sunday all week and then I forget it’s Sunday, lol also I love your content
    Edit: OMG I got hearted by TmarTn2 😱😱😱🔥🔥

  • That Memester
    That Memester 11 months ago+16

    well i know this is going to be lost in the comment section but i just want to say that trev u are the best youtuber ive ever watched not forgeting chelsea cooper n koda love u guys.

  • Onwadee Sumalnop
    Onwadee Sumalnop 3 months ago+5

    When coop burp I was like lol hahahaha what great timing coop555

  • Smira Satija
    Smira Satija 11 months ago+22

    Can somebody please make a compilation or trevor's "awww"s😂

  • Nearly Fearless
    Nearly Fearless 11 months ago+9

    trev the bell is not doing its job :(

  • v6yage
    v6yage 11 months ago+3

    3:16 I like it how Cooper tries to get the ball but then smiles and just forgets about it 😂😂

  • Mokshika Upadhyay
    Mokshika Upadhyay 11 months ago+2

    Love u guys
    I'm watching this at 4:36 in the morning!!
    I have a female St Bernard & she is shedding like Koda
    So I feel your pain😊😊

  • aubrey
    aubrey 11 months ago+10

    My dad moved away today ;(. When I saw this video, It cheered me up. I love Dogs, especially Cooper and Koda. <3

  • Israel Perez Cornejo
    Israel Perez Cornejo 11 months ago+1

    Wait what 1 hour of super copper sunday 😱😂 i can't belive it I'm so happy someone pinch me

  • Alycia
    Alycia 10 months ago+1

    25:04 😂😂😂 when cooper burps
    Your reactions are hilarious 😂 love u guys!!

  • Jking
    Jking 11 months ago+1

    Whenever I see Cooper I always smile even if I had a bad day like if u agree 😊

  • Maria o brien
    Maria o brien 10 months ago+2

    Cooper is so cute like if you agree

  • xCheerBaby
    xCheerBaby 11 months ago+3

    So blessed to have an hour long super cooper sunday! Woowoo! Watching it today cuz I worked all yesterday :). Hope you chels, koda and coopie are having a great day with all of the new toys!! ❤

  • Hope Assen
    Hope Assen 11 months ago+196

    I kept refreshing the page until I saw the vid pop up and I was so happy!!! 😂

  • Kaan
    Kaan 11 months ago+1

    YEAAHH FINALLY. Trev can I please have a Heart ❤