Most TERRIFYING Creatures From Greek Mythology!

  • Published on:  2/14/2020
  • From enormous sea monsters waiting to feed on helpless maidens, to the father of all monsters with 100 heads, here are 10 of the most powerful and terrifying creatures from Greek Mythology

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    10. Cetus
    The Greeks had several versions of dragons, and not all of them had wings. There were giant dragons that lived in the sea known as cetus or cetea (or Ketus).
    The cetus was an enormous sea monster depicted as a dragon or serpent-like fish. Two of the most famous in history went to battle with our favorite heroes, Persius and Heracles.

    9. Chimera
    The chimera is a female, three-headed monster in Greek mythology that can breathe fire. It is a combination of three animals in one. With the body of a lion in the front, the midsection of a goat on its back, with a goat head on top, and the tail of a dragon or serpent ending with a snake’s head, the Chimera is strong, fast and terrifying.

    8. Nemean Lion
    You may not of heard of the Nemean Lion but you have heard of Heracles. A powerful warrior, part of the Heracles myths includes stories about the lion hide he often wore. But there was something more to that piece of clothing. It wasn't just for fashion's sake. It was a piece of armor that was said to come from the fierce beast known as the Nemean Lion.

    7. Cerberus
    In ancient Greek mythology, the underworld was a scary place, and a scary place needs a scary watchdog! It was guarded by a monstrous canine with three-heads named Cerberus. Dogs were depicted as wild animals in the ancient world, roaming the streets in packs and scavenging for food. So it makes sense that the Greeks would take the fearsome qualities of the ancient canine and attribute them to Cerberus, one of the most feared creatures in all of Hades.

    6. Typhon
    Known as the father of all monsters, Typhon was an enormous fire breathing dragon with 100 heads. Married to Echidna, the mother of all monsters, Typhon is the father to many of the most feared creatures in Greek mythology, including the Sphinx, the Nemean lion, and Cerberus. He was so huge, his head brushed the stars.

    5. Scylla
    A sea monster who lives on the rocks of a narrow water channel, Scylla (or Skeela) has been described as a frightful creature that has the shell of a crab, six long necks, and three rows of teeth on each head. With 12 feet that dangle from her hideous body, the philosopher Homer described Scylla as having a voice that sounded like yelping dogs. But Scylla didn't start out that way.

    4. Charybdis
    While the monster Scylla lives on one side of a deadly straight, Charybdis lives on the other, hiding in caves located on treacherous cliffs and using her long neck to swoop down and pluck sailors from their ships. Similar to Scylla, Charybdis was once a beautiful nymph born to the great sea god Poseidon.

    3. Talos
    There were many giants in Greek mythology but one, called Talos, was an automaton, a living statue who was the last of the ancient bronze race of man. A race of animated metal statues of animals, men and monsters, the Automatons were crafted by the God Hephaestus, who is the Olympian god of fire, craftsman, metalworking, stone masonry and sculpture.

    2. Cyclops
    The one eyed monsters of Greek mythology known as the Cyclops were a giant race of lawless creatures. Cyclopes, meaning "round eye", were the workmen of the God Hephaestus, who had a workshop in the heart of Mount Etna.

    1. Argus Panoptes
    Another well-known giant in Greek mythology, Argus Panoptes was a creature that was said to have 100 eyes. With superhuman strength that he used to defeat other creatures, Argus was a servant for the goddess Hera.