30 minute In Chair Exercise for Seniors

  • Published on:  11/17/2011
  • Created for our in-house TV Network "FHTV", this viral Senior Exercise video is great for people of all ages who want to stay active and healthy. Created from countless books on elder physical exercise routines and various programs, this routine is tailored to cover every inch of your body from head to toe including your core, ligaments and mental well being. Compiled and demonstrated by Program Director Joshua M Lutz at Flushing House in Flushing Queens NYC for www.FlushingHouse.com. (Visit Joshua M Lutz at www.JMLdesigns.net) 60 minute version filmed at the Queens Public Library now available on our channel.

    We've received some concerns about the neck-circle exercise demonstrated in this video. Although the neck circles are in many senior exercise books and videos worldwide, we encourage you to be careful, take it slow and like anything else; if it hurts or causes discomfort in any way, skip it and do something else. Neck-circles may cause dizziness and may cause nerve impingement. Please also be aware that bending forward can cause dizziness so take care that if you feel dizzy in any of these exercises please stop and do not perform the exercise. We wish you all a happy and healthy mind body and spirit! Stay strong everyone :)