[FNAF SFM] Alive by NightCove_theFox | Redemption Part 6 "Resurrected Brothers"

  • Published on:  11/25/2019
  • I know there is a lot of questions you probably have. That will be explained later; in the meantime, GIVE ME YOUR THEORIES. Also I know Luminosity's voice changed AGAIN, but I really wanted a new voice actor for him since the two that have done it in the past didn't really give him the voice I wanted.

    Voice Actors:
    SuperShan: Scraptrap, Grim Foxy
    AndersonAnimates: Luminosity
    Koonz: Returned Puppet

    Models Used (P = private):
    Scraptrap by LazyThePotato (P)
    "Necrosis" by -Echo-
    Returned Puppet by CoolioArt
    Withered Fredbear by Morigandero
    "Clay" by Tyrexchip
    Grim Foxy by Steel Wool
    "Luminosity" by ludomcraft (P)
    Springbonnie and Spingtrap by Failz
    Nightmares by Steel Wool
    Fredbear by Rynfox
    Michael and William Afton by WeaselWare
    "Trevor" by xr0n0s

    song used: https://www.201tube.com/video/G8x5olgJA1c/video.html