Gordon Ramsay Served A RAW Burger | Kitchen Nightmares



  • FartLaser 892 10 months ago

    “My son has a lot of resentment towards me and I don’t no why”*Steals 250k from his son*

  • SugarSkull 15 days ago

    The parents owe their son $533,306.25

  • Nicole Pinelook 17 days ago

    giveagoodsong what r u sayin?

  • Steals 250k from his sonSon hates himHe doesn't know why his son hates him 😂

  • Kermit Sweet Tea 18 days ago

    He's a delusional imbecile!

  • youtuberrrg 34 25 days ago

    *surprise pikachu face*

  • Skeleton Guy 3 months ago

    Alan: gordon ramsay will love my burgers with out a doubtGordon ramsay: uno reverse card

  • Ferrallezz yesterday

    Mr Joesten People were spamming him hate so he should’ve replied it was a joke. And r/whoosh is dead m8

  • Mr Joesten yesterday

    Ferrallezz he jokingly said, “u can only do uno reverse card in uno”. U just got /r woooosh m8

  • shaserdeses 2 months ago

    My parents took $10k from me and I was pissed even though they paid me back. Imagine taking $250k and throwing it into business that u will never see back!

  • Mystic_ 112 8 days ago

    @リMisakAyy Exactly, it's their responsibility for doing so, it was their choice.

  • Mystic_ 112 8 days ago

    @NizzyNizerson Taking 10k is not ok. He's only a rational human being for asking ot back. You probably think you're above others for being financially retarded.

  • Marvel James 3 months ago

    "My son has a great deal of resentment toward me, and i dont know why"it's not like you stole his inheritance money and forced him into the business

  • Zuxlshl 4 days ago

    I feel bad for his Grandpa/Grandma cause he probably saved so much for his kid then the parents took it away for a dying business and the Grandpa/Grandma must be angry at his parents probably

  • october 3 months ago

    9:27chef: no he's not gonna like it*alan will remember that*

  • War Dragon 14 days ago

    The way he says "what?"though 😂

  • Hahaha telltale

  • Meme Dragon 1 months ago

    “This is my wife Jenn”*wife leans in*“JENN”

  • MegnuS3Rs 6 days ago

    @Ya Boi Diglett thank you pewdiepie reverse card

  • Billie Bleach 1 months ago

    “They deleted five-star reviews”Yes...because those reviews were from “shady” reviewers. In other words, you wrote them yourself.

  • Emma 14 days ago

    @That Weird Kid From High School that's a good point I didn't think about that

  • I can prove they delete 5 star reviews!Yeah by logging into your alt accounts and saying "see the review I left is gone!" Otherwise how else would he know? Does he screenshot the reviews and check every week to make sure they are still there? Lmao

  • PkMn Trainer Elio 1 months ago

    No one:Not a single f soul:Gen: *I’m a 64yrs old woman and I-*

  • Calvin Coates 21 hours ago

    She has no real control guys

  • Captain Mercury 14 days ago

    Also a medium rare girl

  • Lenox Covington 8 months ago

    “I don’t know why my son resents me, I only stole 250k from him and forced him into this dying business”

  • OddBallDaddy O 12 days ago

    @KVNG JAY i bet you're black ghetto trash

  • リMisakAyy 12 days ago

    @OddBallDaddy O Lmao you actually thought people were going to believe this trash