Dis-Track for Ex-Gangster Rapper, D. Black, Miraculously Triggered Off His Blessings

  • Published on:  3/11/2019
  • "D. Black" was this former gangster-rapper's original stage name before he became the even more popular Jewish rapper he is known as today, Nissim Black. The word "nissim" means "miracles" and it is clear to see that this man has experienced many miracles on his long journey to making it in the music industry.

    The American rapper who now lives in Jerusalem, Israel recently performed in Tel Aviv and spoke about how he became the religious person his is today. Nissim shared his life story and told us about the many struggles he and his family endured on their journey to finding security at home and in the community.

    Back in the day, when D. Black was hustling in the streets, he told us how both is parents were hip-hop artists and the lifestyle he grew up around was full of violence, drugs and suffering. One day, a rival rapper wrote a harmful dis-track for D. Black which set him and his crew off and they almost murdered him for the disrespectful move. Miraculously, D. Black was able to remove himself from the situation and he began soul-searching, turning inward and looking for answers.

    After exploring Christianity, Islam, the Messianic faith and Judaism, years later, Nissim Black has reinvented himself and found his musical talents to not only be blessings, but very useful communication tools. Tools that he could still take forward with him to help bring upon a positive wave of unity whilst defeating stereotypes, stigmas and racism.

    With his talents, Nissim Black continues to make hip-hop music that positively influences the community he lives in and abroad. "Kosher rap" is what he called it, when the message is lyrically clean, wholesome and positive. His life story proves that no matter where you are in life or where you come from, the music unites us all.


    Matisyahu was the most popular (religious) Jewish rapper back in the day. Ultimately, his evolution pulled away from the religious lifestyle and rap music and become a lot more worldly after he cut his hair and starting his pop-rock album.

    Perhaps it's a matter of tasting life at its fullest and experiencing other worlds as Nissim Black also found to be spiritually fulfilling.


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    Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissim_(rapper)

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