Irish People Watch Bad Lip Reading

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • "This is amazing! Where has this been all my life?"
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    More Information:
    Bad Lip Reading is a comedy based YouTube channel in which they dub over the words of topical events from sports, politics, movies, you name it! Their videos have surged in extreme popularity with videos getting tens of millions of views! So, we thought we'd show our Tryers to see what they thought!

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    Clisare: http://TRY.Media/Clisare
    Irish Jesus: http://TRY.Media/Jesus
    Nicole O'Conor: http://TRY.Media/Nicole
    John Sharpson: http://TRY.Media/John
    Lisa Casey: http://TRY.Media/Lisa

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  • DjJtown
    DjJtown 14 hours ago

    Clisare...just slap me for what I'm thinking; you fine fox!

  • Tammy Burman
    Tammy Burman 19 hours ago

    I believe dermot and clisare should keep their feelings about ny president out of their opinions. Other then that good as usual.

  • Mugen
    Mugen yesterday

    A bit dated but still good.

  • Robert Reynolds
    Robert Reynolds 2 days ago

    And when do people in Ireland have shit to say about our president? It does not sit well with me, when people from another country cast aspersions at our political figures. Ive literally began watching this channel only a few days ago. Laughed alot until now. How can you presume to know anything at all? From what ive witnessed its been firsts on many things american. Walk a mile in a persons shoes before you render a verdict, even the people will still say keep fuckin walkin. President trump does have flaws, but he sure has turned our fucked obama economy around. Unemployment is down interest rates down. Job market so good there arent enough people to fill them. Military stronger than ever and moving forward. Working hard to secure our borders. The only people here that have a problem is the fake media and the libtard leftist. One in the same. People just cannot get past the fact he won. Wasnt suppose to win. Well i was out of country, doing my job. I prett

  • William Coueran
    William Coueran 2 days ago

    I'd love some "Bushes of Love" reaction. I can't get that out of my head six months after viewing.

  • VincentsVideoVisions

    It is bad enough that all the libtard SJW's in the United States have to constantly trash Trump for the most inane and hypocritical of reasons, but I don't wanna see it here. Blech.

  • A C
    A C 3 days ago

    You should react to Redneck Avengers and the rest of their SW vids.

  • Figgy5119
    Figgy5119 3 days ago

    The Bad Lip Reading videos are made by 1 guy. 1 very talented guy.

  • Anonimusly Hidden
    Anonimusly Hidden 5 days ago

    I am a simple person I see today I see bad lip reading I click

  • Ekkaisara
    Ekkaisara 7 days ago

    "Im Dermot, and im joyless"
    My new favorite duo in the world

  • Narrative Knight
    Narrative Knight 7 days ago

    Just wait!! In 2020 you have to remember that Trump won AGAIN!.

  • Lavette Jackson
    Lavette Jackson 8 days ago

    Too much talk I can't hear the videos you talking over the videos

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 8 days ago

    It's funny right , watch bushes of love song it's dope

  • Dennis Barber
    Dennis Barber 8 days ago

    Say what you want about Trump at least we didn’t elect a primordial dwarf who looks like a damn leprechaun

  • Zach Michaelis
    Zach Michaelis 10 days ago+1

    Clisare...Is a Goddess

  • Amanda s.
    Amanda s. 11 days ago

    "Can we go one day without being reminded that an orange cheeto is the president of the United States?"
    I wish we could, I wish we could....soon...

  • Caramel Donuts
    Caramel Donuts 11 days ago

    Irish Jesus is my favorite. That is all!

  • Kristin Diane
    Kristin Diane 11 days ago

    Watch the Nigga Turtles!... No typo* It's literally called The Nigga Turtles!
    It's a spoof of The teenager Mutant Ninga Turtles with bad lip reading

  • Casey Davis
    Casey Davis 13 days ago

    If you all could NOT talk over all of the best parts, you and everyone else would enjoy it more.

  • darkashtar
    darkashtar 14 days ago

    Don't call Trump a cheeto!!!
    ... I mean Cheetos at least serve a purpose I mean they are an ok snack. Don't insult Cheetos like that.