Simon Cowell's Son Wouldn't Get the 'Golden Buzzer' for Dancing



  • Sofia
    Sofia 7 days ago

    If Ellen is ever looking for anyone to interview... I’d love to be interviewed🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Nicolas Barral
    Nicolas Barral 8 days ago

    I havent seen simon so excited

  • Emleilas Kitchen
    Emleilas Kitchen 12 days ago

    hi simon

  • Kim Kardashian sister

    What's wrong with Simon's hands ?

  • 100000 subs without video challenge

    Gordon Ramsey and Simon are like long lost brothers

  • Omar Sukar
    Omar Sukar 15 days ago

    This video made me think that Simon thinks that children are like pets

  • Slime Tastic Slime
    Slime Tastic Slime 17 days ago

    Now there's 920 comments you're welcome😀

  • Stephanie Arellano-Calix

    Simon’s Son: Daddy, can I be your replacement tonight?
    Simon Cowell: It’s a *NO* for me!

  • Hubbons
    Hubbons 25 days ago+1

    I love Simons truth

  • Tabussum Sehar
    Tabussum Sehar 26 days ago+1

    Thanks God for letting me see this side of Simon Cowell. ❤

  • Nyakwera Olivia
    Nyakwera Olivia 27 days ago+2

    I really like thise man.💋💋💋💋

  • R Arief Tatsuya
    R Arief Tatsuya 29 days ago+1

    am i the only one that considers Simon never sounds British?

  • BradIsAwesome2 - DL/RS

    What if he is good?

    WWE CRUNCH 1 months ago

    Whos here after Shin lim won Agt?

  • Amber Rohner
    Amber Rohner 1 months ago

    How does she get to get the show to air in the US. I really love these shows and wish I could watch them Live or asap after that.

  • Mira Otier
    Mira Otier 1 months ago


  • kabrackeen
    kabrackeen 1 months ago

    He has the same haircut as my aunt.

  • Trudy Holmm
    Trudy Holmm 1 months ago

    This guy is a legend for television viewers . so its a yes from me

  • Darkness Silence
    Darkness Silence 1 months ago

    I love SIMON

  • Amily Rodriguez
    Amily Rodriguez 1 months ago+2

    Wow I’m *shook* *simon isn’t wearing a white shirt*