20 Biggest "BRAIN FARTS" in NFL History

  • Published on:  10/14/2019
  • #BrainFarts#NFLBrainFarts#NFLMistakes

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    Urban Dictionary defines “brain fart” as the following:

    "A sudden and involuntary (although depending on the source, not altogether unexpected) release of ignorance."

    Yup, we’ve seen plenty of sudden and involuntary releases of ignorance at the NFL level! You see them happen practically every week. But we decided to cut it down to the 20 best of all-time in terms of, well, total brain fart-ness. If it was a minor brain fart, it didn’t make the list.

    But if it was a big, nasty, stinky brain fart, well, you’ll probably find it in this video, as we take a trip down memory lane and look at the 20 biggest brain farts in NFL history.

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    Host: Jason Biondo
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