Playing DARE UNO with our own RULES (ft. RubberNinja) - 10 Minute Power Hour

  • Published on:  3/23/2020
  • It's time... for an episode with Ross AND Dan! This time we mix up the Uno Dare game with more house dares and new house rules! Bored in quarantine and want to play at home? Here's a list of Dares from this episode (out of order), many that the boys didn't even get a chance to play! In our version, we turned draw 2 cards into dares by numbering them and used a write-in wild card Uno Deck.

    1. Play a round of Crocodile Dentist until someone gets snapped. That person has to draw X.
    2. Play a round of red hands. Whoever wins 2/3 makes the other draw X cards.
    3. Eat four large hard or sticky candies at once without chewing, only sucking.
    4. Send a text message from someone else’s phone to a parent or relative expressing, in great detail, how much they love them.
    5. Take a selfie with everyone playing and post it to social media with at least 2 compliments about them.
    6. Take a pic where your feet are exposed and upload it to your Instagram story.
    7. Untie your shoe. At the same time, start retying your laces and someone starts drawing cards from the pile. However many cards they draw in the time it takes for you to tie your shoes, add to your hand.
    8. Give a pet a command. If they don’t follow the command the first time you give it, draw X.
    9. Talk only in questions until your next turn. If you break, draw X.
    10. Sing the entirety of Kiss from a Rose. If you stop or forget lyrics, draw X.
    11. Recite the alphabet backwards, if you mess up, draw X OR trade X cards of your choice with someone else’s hand.
    12. Look up “vore” on youtube and watch the 5th video with everyone present.
    13. Look up “furry cosplay” on YouTube and watch the 10th video with everyone present.
    14. Name a series. Then pull up the most recent fanfiction from that series on Archive of Our Own and read the first paragraph.
    15. Shotgun a soda can or bubbly drink.
    16. Kiss David Cheeseman with tongue. If at home, kiss some type of cheese from the fridge with tongue.
    17. Sing a Disney song with the voice of a character from a different Disney franchise. if you break character, draw X.
    18. Wild Cards: GAMBLE! Everyone playing can bet as many cards as they want, up to their last. The person who played the Wild Card rolls 2 dice. The person rolling wins on a 7 or 11 and distributes the cards they bet evenly amongst other players. The other players win on a 2, 3, or 12 and the dice roller adds all cards bet against them to their hand. Reroll if needed.

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