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  • Published on:  9/5/2018
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    Ball Pool
    Mr Bean cannot play inside the local soft play area, so he decides to convert his flat in a play area.

    Home Movie
    Mr Bean attempts to make his own home movie - a horror thriller with Mrs. Wicket as the star.

    The Mole
    Mrs Wicket's croquet game is interrupted by an offending mole. Mr. Bean tries to get rid of it but keeps on failing until he manages to capture it. Mrs. Wicket orders Bean to kill it with a croquet hammer but Bean, having mercy not to kill it, puts it in a jar and releases it in the wild.

    Dead Cat
    Mr Bean presumes that Scrapper had been crushed to death in the garbage truck by the collector. When there are no cats that look like him, Mr. Bean goes to a S.O.S. cat house and sees a cat that looks like Scrapper. He lets the cats out as a distraction for the owner, steals her cat then makes him look like Scrapper. Unfortunately, when Mrs. Wicket is shocked to see the fake cat, she throws Mr. Bean out and sees Scrapper alive. Bean returns the owner's cat but gets caught and is forced to fix the wallpaper decorating at the cat house (the same manner that Mrs.
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