Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - "Alfredo" [FULL ALBUM] REACTION + WRITTEN REVIEW

  • Published on:  5/29/2020
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    (Music starts at 2:13)
    On their latest collaboration, following the 2018 album “Fetti”, The Alchemist and Freddie Gibbs release a concise 10 song project together that is straight to the point and leaves the listener with plenty to ponder about.

    Thematically, this album hits about every point that embodies a typical Freddie Gibbs album. Major talk of drug dealing, primarily in the arts of coke dealing, street life, gang affiliation, political awareness, his despise of the police force, his growth as an artist and person and among plenty of other analytical observations of his. I did hear that there were quite a few religious lyrics in his verses which is something that I hadn’t noticed before. Whenever Freddie sticks to a theme in a song he makes it a point to really explore all aspects of that topic within his lyrics, like the way he kept coming back to the idea of looking on the “Look At Me” track. This is an aspect of his writing that I highly respect and cherish.

    Lyrically, even though I am well aware of how good of a rapper Freddie is, he continues to amaze me time and time again with almost ever new verse that he raps. As coke raps are his niche, he does a great job at rapping about coke manufacturing, dealing and all the rest without sounding redundant or played through. His metaphors are detailed and a lot of times funny. Aside from his content, the words he rhymes with and his rhyme schemes are incredibly unique while still appealing to the ordinary listener’s ear. His most utilized ability in my opinion is the way he is able to flow any which way he chooses to while maintaining 3-4 syllabic rhyme schemes. The speed and fluidity he does this in is incredible and always leaves me floored.

    Sonically, Alchemist provides the backbone for Freddie to shine and perform but even so his production can’t help but intensify the shine that Freddie’s rapping omits. This album is Alchemist’s 3rd album this year and he has not disappointed even in the slightest with a single one of his beats. He provides different landscapes for separate feelings and topics on this album such as the gritty, hard hitting “Frank Lucas” and then the smooth, relaxing “Something to Rap About”, the soulful, slow-paced “Look At Me”. Honestly I could pick almost each song on the album and showcase how different the songs sound to one another while still maintaining that Alchemist flair and fitting in the overall sound of the album. The Alchemist is really showcasing why he’s considered one of the greatest producers of all time.

    All in all, a fantastic album that very well stacks up against any hip hop album that has released this year and even against 2019’s “Bandana”. Thanks for reading and watching!

    Fav tracks: Scottie Beam, Frank Lucas, Babies and Fools, Look At Me