Lindsey Stirling - Angels We Have Heard on High

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
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    Director: Dream Team Directors, Bayou Bennett & Daniel Lir
    Producer: Jenna Capozzi
    Production Company: Dream Team Directors

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  • Lena Heinen
    Lena Heinen 19 hours ago

    this made me cry! its so beautiful

  • lin Killah
    lin Killah yesterday

    This made me cry. My brother and his family were affected by Harvey. It was fortunate that his wife's company gave them somewhere to go until they got their house fixed.

  • mickeyj2008
    mickeyj2008 yesterday


  • Imtherealthing
    Imtherealthing 3 days ago

    I wept at this...bless you guys

  • Jedi violinos
    Jedi violinos 5 days ago

    This music is beauriful

  • Jedi violinos
    Jedi violinos 5 days ago

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  • Sharin Sesin-Lucca
    Sharin Sesin-Lucca 5 days ago

    So Beautiful.

  • Night elf Moon
    Night elf Moon 5 days ago

    Lindsey you made my birthday a blessed day when I saw you live and you answered my question first

  • Gaurav Bhatti
    Gaurav Bhatti 7 days ago

    Sharing is important in all the situation ... Thank you for sharing this wonderful video

  • ivan castellon
    ivan castellon 8 days ago

    I luv her soooo much.

  • Andy Tyndall
    Andy Tyndall 9 days ago

    Beautiful arrangement.

  • Aldo F. Guerra. SUPERWAR

    bueno como alguna vez le pregunte a un niño que es el dinero y el me dijo son papelitos con dibujitos, aqui gran sabiduria pues lo que vale en si es el fin que le demos nosotros.....

  • هيفن الامل HGW

    *❤❤❤😍 very naaaaaaaic*

  • Roger Wright
    Roger Wright 10 days ago

    Thank you, Lindsey, for all that you do!

  • miasarai09
    miasarai09 11 days ago

    soy la unica que habla español que mal

  • Ryley W
    Ryley W 11 days ago

    very beautiful music

  • Kittiya ya
    Kittiya ya 14 days ago

    This video. .... wow 💕 beautiful

  • Phoenix Flame
    Phoenix Flame 14 days ago

    Why can’t us British people be kind too? I guess America is greater than Britian 🤔
    It’s just sad. The storm affected many people and that’s really bad and you guys stepped in and helped out. I’m glad you guys helped out. Imagine if no one helped out, it would just be really terrible and I’m so so so glad some people actually helped out. Well done and thank you for helping people out. *_-me and my family_*

  • Madeleydy Andia Murguia

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤un buen corazon.

  • Julien Senan
    Julien Senan 16 days ago

    c'est bien ce que je pensait sur elle