Can’t Believe He Did This!

  • Published on:  12/6/2018
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  8 months ago+1336

    Thansk for watching! Virginity rocks hoodies back in stock @ love you guys

    JOOGSQUAD PPJT 8 months ago+6437

    I lost a few friends who stole from me. Thinning the herd my friend, the real ones will always have your back. The fake ones will always come out. Respect for keeping your cool.

  • AteAllThePie
    AteAllThePie 8 months ago+2081

    Cameron destroyed that guy with the tomatoes

  • Your Salty2
    Your Salty2 4 months ago+673

    “i know Steve Jobs very well”
    steve jobs died October 5th 2011

  • Robert Yankowy
    Robert Yankowy 8 months ago+721

    Danny is so athletic. He can play any sport and is good at it.

  • Alexiz Sandoval
    Alexiz Sandoval 6 months ago+282

    Danny you cure depression

  • Don Vito
    Don Vito 8 months ago+2578

    Go on a date with the chick that stole your safe. We gotta see what she looks like. 😂😂

  • Adam Acevedo
    Adam Acevedo 8 months ago+539

    That's messed up, they disrespected you Danny.

  • Levi Darnell
    Levi Darnell 1 months ago+71

    Cameron: gets insulted by the guy
    Cameron: imma bout end this mans whole career

  • zc 1235832
    zc 1235832 3 months ago+145

    6:55 swagger souls in the flesh

  • Whitney Mccallister
    Whitney Mccallister 2 months ago+115

    no one:
    Danny: just imagine

  • Atx. Truth__
    Atx. Truth__ 3 days ago+8

    11:16 when you drive into los santos customs and the cops right behind you

  • MaGiic PICKLE
    MaGiic PICKLE yesterday+4

    Danny said that the iPhone 11 comes out in October 2019. He made this video in 2018 the iPhone 11 wasn’t announced. If you look up when does the iPhone 11 come out, it will say October 2019 🤔

  • Almvghty _josh93
    Almvghty _josh93 1 months ago+51

    Bro, you and David dobrik need to have a paint ball war !!

  • jon dickson
    jon dickson 28 days ago+19

    that tomato guy was fkn hilarious man, I hope hes making good money doing that bc he deserves it

  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  8 months ago+2523

    For everyone watching. I’m not mad at Kevin. I was bummed he didn’t tell me etc but no need for anyone to say anything negative to him. He didn’t steal anything from me that was his ex who tried. He’s my friend and I’m not mad at him at all so no reason you or anyone else should be. Thanks ❤️

  • Rachel Madura
    Rachel Madura 2 months ago+76

    the roasts on danny i cant stop laughin😂

  • Jackson Tallent
    Jackson Tallent 14 days ago+14

    You could tell the heckler guy game was getting to Danny lol

  • Comit Vevo
    Comit Vevo 3 months ago+63

    7:03 swagger souls in the next five years

  • IEnVy
    IEnVy 1 months ago+20

    Is the clip after 11:07 what would happen if the kid were to drive??