Surprising My Manager with a New Car!

  • Published on:  1/13/2019
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  7 months ago+823

    Bunch of new videos coming!! Love you guys ❤️ thanks for all the support. for new merch

  • Cassady Campbell
    Cassady Campbell 7 months ago+1826

    Honestly, there aren't a lot of solid youtubers nowadays who express their gratitude towards the one's that truly deserve it. You are an awesome dude, keep it up man. Let's meet up soon!

  • Lilo
    Lilo 7 months ago+1168

    only person on youtube who buys an bmw i8 and tesla and doesnt make it a video

  • chucky
    chucky 7 months ago+385

    Can we just appreciate that he knows he has money but he doesn’t treat anyone differently he: jokes around, punches them all but he cares for all of them and is a real friend to all of them. plus he’s like a dad

  • Big Man Gav
    Big Man Gav 7 months ago+641

    That lady doesn’t know shit about the stock market. Lmao Danny actually knows his stuff. “Time in the market is more important than timing the market.”

  • Muhammad Mu’qtaz Yamin
    Muhammad Mu’qtaz Yamin 7 months ago+440

    "Im rich now so its fine"
    My dream

  • Yoda Gets high
    Yoda Gets high 3 months ago+54

    His pee was all clear to ik he was drinking hella water🤣

  • Beagle 2.0
    Beagle 2.0 3 months ago+54

    I Like how Danny treats everyone the same, no matter who they are


    You might be doing opium dude

  • Lachie Mac
    Lachie Mac 7 months ago+130

    I’m from Australia so I’m really interested in buying a DFD hoodie but shipping tripled the price, like so Danny can see this

  • beau kilgore
    beau kilgore 7 months ago+824

    Literally just got done watching you buy that house for your mom, then i see that you just bought a new car for your manager, then i go back to when you bought your sister a car! Bro, you’re amazing! God bless dude

  • u u
    u u 7 months ago+84

    Your friend that took the drug test look like ohgeesy from shoreline mafia

  • Jett Taylor
    Jett Taylor 7 months ago+28

    I wish you woulda vandalized his car first like you did with your sisters truck

  • Snapparazzi
    Snapparazzi 7 days ago+2

    watching these video's stoned is so much fun

  • VarixGames
    VarixGames 7 months ago+6

    Buying my friend a car to throwing pee at his friends to ice skating😂 Danny is amazing

  • NewYork Down
    NewYork Down 7 months ago+1777

    Don’t even...
    You have bad luck all 2019 like to undo

  • Cyke
    Cyke 6 months ago+7

    Lol the tiny guy I love him lol he goated

  • Edward Video
    Edward Video 7 months ago+3

    Rip Honda Fit you will never be missed😢

  • Meghan Burton
    Meghan Burton 3 months ago+1

    you need mercy that says "Winston Churchill"
    Id cop