Day 3: Cooking Abalone. Fishing for Trout, Salmon and Rock Fish *SOLO 1,600 Mile Fishing Road Trip*

  • Published on:  8/27/2017
  • Drove from Mendocino to Crescent City in California to do some trout fishing on the Smith River. Only artificial lures/ baits and barbless hooks allowed on this particular river at this time of year. After catching a bunch of dinks I continued up along highway 1 and highway 101 to Winchester Bay in Oregon. I may have been a bit early for salmon as what I heard from the locals, but I also heard that four Chinook Salmon were caught from the jetty the day before I fished. Instead of focusing on rockfish and eels for most of the day, I decided to put almost all my effort into catching a Salmon from shore. After all that would have been EPIC if I did. But sadly...luck was not in my favor this day. One more day left in Washington and I'm hoping to make a catch and cook finale!


    The gear I'm using:

    Piscifun Honor HR50:
    Piscifun Stone ST40 Reel:
    Pflueger Reel:
    Penn Battle, 4000:
    Hiking Backpack:
    Stainless Steel Water Bottle:
    Okuma SST Rod:
    Folding Knife:
    Kershaw silver knife
    Propane stove I used:
    Shotgun Mic:
    Chest Camera:
    Micro SD Card:
    Piscifun Tackle Bag: