Spider-Man: Swingy Shooty Spidey - PART 1 - Game Grumps

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • UltimateHavok2
    UltimateHavok2 11 months ago+1079

    Pass. The. Controller. To. Dan. For. This. One.

  • Garret M
    Garret M 11 months ago+857

    From this video, Arin's idea of a perfect video game would be Pong. No dialog, no quips, no buttons, no waypoints.

    TMS REVIEWS 11 months ago+284

    Arin should let dan play, I just feel like he has basic reading comprehension skills

  • Lazerdisck
    Lazerdisck 11 months ago+847

    It’s like if the game came out after 2002 Arin refuses to admit it’s fun

  • superLuigi675
    superLuigi675 11 months ago+287

    “i’m pressing square a bunch” 9:47 “there are so many buttons!” 10:09
    okay arin we get it you don’t like popular games

  • Diego Vera
    Diego Vera 11 months ago+293

    "Arin criticises this game for seven episodes for beign an interactive cutscene and says how boring the mechanics are, while Dan says how beautiful this game is" - PART 1 - Game Grumps

  • Nick Macri
    Nick Macri 11 months ago+134

    holy shit dude give Dan the sticks, he seems so into it

  • MrSmilingDeath
    MrSmilingDeath 11 months ago+195

    "How do you know it's Fisk?" They've said Fisk at least 10 times now.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 10 months ago+53

    This is just painful to watch.
    Okay Arin, we get it. You hate popular game.

  • Supercatsgomoo meow
    Supercatsgomoo meow 11 months ago+168

    Arin went from critical to cynical

  • ConnerTheWaffle
    ConnerTheWaffle 11 months ago+3128

    This game is awesome!!
    I can't wait for the series to be over around episode 4

  • Bobby3Sticks-
    Bobby3Sticks- 11 months ago+44

    Peter Parker is from QUEENS, Arin. Cap is from Brooklyn

  • Ikarus
    Ikarus  11 months ago+77

    Some spiders do actually swing and use webs to glide. Obviously not as dramatically but it happens.

  • Mad
    Mad 10 months ago+15

    "How did you know it's Fisk?"
    The very first sentence spoken in the game: "...assault on Fisk Tower."

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor 11 months ago+364

    arin ffs why do you even play games

  • KorianBossMonster
    KorianBossMonster 11 months ago+508

    Watch them play this for 4 episodes and quit like they did Dad of War

  • OrdChunk
    OrdChunk 11 months ago+152

    This is just God Of War all over again. Arin isn't a fan of these cinematic/story driven/action games that are coming out more and more as of late. It's kinda disappointing because this game is really fun. He's still funny, but I feel like with these games he should spend like an hour before hand playing them on his own before filming, save time with trying to figure out what to do and how to play, and will also stop everyone (me included) from foaming at the mouth screaming for him to just play the game.
    In the end, it was us the fans who were the real Game Grumps.

  • Gray Atreides
    Gray Atreides 11 months ago+12

    Just watch Jacksepticeye's playthrough if you want quality content

  • SpIdAgRaY
    SpIdAgRaY 11 months ago+47

    Damn that's a lot of dislikes but I can't find comments to back explain why? Edit: nevermind it's Arin pissing off people as usual with undermining a game he plays.

  • hotthorns
    hotthorns 11 months ago+20

    How dare you, Hanson boy. You give Danny that controller RIGHT NOW.