Me during ANY season change

  • Published on:  9/7/2018


  • Jason Glass
    Jason Glass 4 months ago+5388

    “I just started breavin”
    “You wanna breathe?”

  • Robbie Is da best
    Robbie Is da best 4 months ago+4121

    1:55 this man stepped on his own hand wtf

  • PhantomAbyss
    PhantomAbyss 4 months ago+3045

    When ya mama spanks you for no reason.
    Me crying: I was jus breavin...

  • GogetaLocks
    GogetaLocks 10 months ago+2099

    "Just genetics" 😂😂

  • Kiqro
    Kiqro 11 months ago+1467

    Still waiting for you to put the "I'm here for the interview" in one of your videos

  • Llama Cat
    Llama Cat 4 months ago+1253

    You can run
    but you can't breathe through your nose so it will be 100x harder.

  • Niara Noctyrna
    Niara Noctyrna 3 months ago+576

    00:14 Damn I love that sound effect when shit gets real

  • GoAwayImDrawing
    GoAwayImDrawing 11 months ago+790

    Me: sneezes like 10000000 times
    Me: The time has come. Time for nights full of sniffling and long breathing treatments (because allergies and asthma are NOT a good mix) :)

  • Mula
    Mula 9 months ago+509

    0:42 the damn music when allergies opens the door has me dead man.

  • Kayla Rose Bates
    Kayla Rose Bates 3 months ago+175

    You are the only YouTuber that I rewatch literally every single video after the first time watching it. You are so funny man!

  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk 3 months ago+155

    *makes slapping noises

  • Pikachau
    Pikachau 3 months ago+228

    Caleb: who is it?
    Allergies: it’s allergies
    Me: I feel pain just thinking about it

  • Heavenly Controller
    Heavenly Controller 11 months ago+5310

    Genetics strike again

  • Junngle
    Junngle 8 months ago+189

    "What you got there?, NOPE" I love how his feet is so weird in a funny way looking lmao

  • imsandi321
    imsandi321 3 months ago+61

    Someone bought scented tissues in my house 🔪😄. My nose was so stuffed that i didn’t realize they were scented until it was too late. It was just a cycle of me sneezing and then using the same scented tissue that was making me sneeze.

  • Jakle Grizzly
    Jakle Grizzly 3 months ago+41

    And now I'm finding out that this man is the source of many memes and sound effects...

  • Mr. A3R0
    Mr. A3R0 3 months ago+56

    “I was just breavin” 2:10

  • Menasseh Bekele
    Menasseh Bekele 11 months ago+2552

    Allergies was laughing because where he come from...they don't breath 😂😂😂

  • kim pinkchul
    kim pinkchul 3 months ago+43

    i relate to this except for instead of allergies it's my dad

  • Jerome White
    Jerome White 4 months ago+60

    Spring: allergies
    Summer: oppressive heat
    Fall: ......actually not bad but 10 degrees in the morning 80 in the afternoon