Make Spaghetti in 10 min with Meatless "Meat" Sauce | One Pot Pasta Recipe by Yummylicious

  • Published on:  10/10/2018
  • Meatless "Meat" Sauce in One Pot with Pasta or Spaghetti in 10 min is so easy to make. Try it today ..

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    We all love spaghetti and meat balls but have you ever wondered how to make it vegan ? Meatless Meat sauce is an amazing and easy version of the traditional meat sauce. This spaghetti is cooked in one pot as is this meatless meat sauce. So we can cook the pasta in 10 min or may be even less than 10 minutes. This One pot pasta recipe is made from scratch and the meatless meat sauce adds an amazing flavor to spaghetti.

    Vegan Meatless Meat Sauce is made up of mushrooms which gives it an earthy flavor. You can use spaghetti or any other pasta for this recipe. This sauce recipe is so much better than the meat sauce that probably you will forget it and make this healthy meatless meat sauce every time you want to make pasta.

    Ingredients to make Meatless "Meat" Sauce in One Pot Pasta / Spaghetti are :
    Mushrooms (300 grams)
    Oil (2 Tbsp)
    Finely chopped Onions (1/2 Cup)
    Finely Sliced Garlic (1 Tbsp)
    Salt to taste
    Black Pepper (1/2 Tsp)
    Sugar (1 Tsp)
    Mixed Herbs (1/2 Tsp)
    Paprika (1 Tsp) ( You can replace paprika with red chilli powder )
    Cherry Tomatoes ( 6 - 8 )
    Tomato Puree (3/4 Cup)
    Fresh Basil ( If fresh is not available, use dried Basil )
    Spaghetti (200 Grams)
    Water (600 mL)

    Procedure :


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