BA Recap: Embrace the Vegetable!

  • Published on:  9/23/2019
  • We’ve got a fresh batch of Bon Appétit recaps, hot out of the oven!

    In this episode, Amanda shares her weird feels about blueberries, LJ spirals into another existential crisis over bolognese (see episode 2), and Meg takes a stance on pancakes.

    Today’s Menu:

    (08:18) Professional Chefs Compete in a Knife Skills Speed Challenge | Test Kitchen Talks:

    (15:54) Carla Makes a Giant Blueberry Pancake | From the Test Kitchen:

    (23:04) Molly and Adam Make Broccoli Bolognese | From the Test Kitchen:

    (31:15) Chris Makes Veggie Burgers | From the Test Kitchen:

    (38:06) Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet M&M's | Gourmet Makes:

    (46:26) Andy Makes Skirt Steak with Romesco Sauce | From the Test Kitchen:

    (53:02) Recreating Maangchi's Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy Braised Chicken) From Taste | Bon Appétit:

    (01:00:10) 12 Types of Rice, Examined Under a Microscope and Cooked | Bon Appétit:


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