Graham to CNN anchor: That's a bunch of bulls***

  • Published on:  12/30/2018
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) discusses President Trump's demands for a border wall as a partial government shutdown enters its second week.#CNN#News


  • Future Catastrophes
    Future Catastrophes 7 months ago+1222

    "They want Trump to lose more than they want America to win".

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself 7 months ago+297

    Graham is doing what ALL politicians should do! He campaigned against Trump but when Trump won, Graham did his job and worked with the President for the betterment of the American people! He put his ego aside and is doing what is right and other politicians should follow his lead.

  • Joann Worley
    Joann Worley 7 months ago+10

    Love you Graham. Keep fighting for AMERICA.

  • Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson 7 months ago+238

    The look on her face when she hears the truth! Cant believe they didnt loose signal.......again! Thank you Lindsey!

  • Callen Way
    Callen Way 7 months ago+71

    The comments are amazeballs. CNN using sleazy questions to spin the truth and it didn't work. Well done.

  • Carla Shannon
    Carla Shannon 7 months ago+41

    The entire GOP needs to be investigated along with chump

  • NAGGER wassup
    NAGGER wassup 7 months ago+89

    The WALL works! Even JIM ACOSTA proved it works BUILD THE WALL

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 7 months ago+38

    As usual and commonly observed. CNN winds up looking like the fool they are. Listen to the anchor trying to talk political tactics with a veteran of political deals. We all know CNN is desperate and trying anything. Kinda like a football team down in the last few minutes of the game and they throw a hell-mary pass into the end zone. CNN is desperate and throwing their hell-mary's. It's laughable and comical to watch.

  • Allan Dickman
    Allan Dickman 7 months ago+75

    Shameful CNN anti American

  • GosokuRyuYodan
    GosokuRyuYodan 7 months ago+22

    Very concise remarks by Graham. I wish this "reporter" would shut up and listen...

  • all out
    all out 7 months ago+511

    CNN should be a program on the comedy channel

  • Regina Terry Megginson
    Regina Terry Megginson 7 months ago+3

    I'm a Texan and I say, "YES-WALL"!! PLEASE, change addresses with me, if you don't want one! Mercy!!

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 7 months ago+5

    CNN, always trying criticize Trump, never telling the truth.
    Ask Jim Acosta how that walls working. Things still tranquil? I wonder why. 😂😂😂

  • mclanaford
    mclanaford 7 months ago+43

    Great President. He will save the cost extremely fast by not having to fund the arrivals of the illegal caravan

  • Loni Seeley
    Loni Seeley 7 months ago+29

    Go get em Graham. Don`t let them keep doing tabloid gossip news. People need the truth not lies. And keep them focused on now, today. And yes Obahahamaa really did his best to destroy our nation. Obhama was Treasonous Traitor; Thank you MR. Graham for being truthful, and direct. Our nation need men like you fighting for us.

  • PuC Punisha
    PuC Punisha 7 months ago+62

    NEVER trust rethuglikkkans. It's like making a deal with the actual devil because they NEVER give you anything unless they can screw you over... That's why the SLAVE OWNER descendents love the Nazi descendent DRUMPF.

  • Sharon Crawford
    Sharon Crawford 7 months ago+67

    We dont care who pays for the wall. We just want it built. Its not going to matter who pays, if they dont secure the border you will lose the country anyway. People, you dont need half a brain to figure this out. Most tax payers dont care who pays for it, just get it done. Stupid Dems. Want to destroy our nation, and have total control. COMMIES!

  • Ken H
    Ken H 7 months ago+125

    Trump is going to be reelected. So, it's better to accept that fact sooner than later. There are too many people in society that "see right though" this CNN-based, anti-Trump biased coverage - 24 hours a day. Who believes CNN anymore? Nobody.

  • rwheeler Wheeler
    rwheeler Wheeler 7 months ago+37

    CNN and MSNBC are a propgandaist news media. Boycott their advertisers products.

  • J M
    J M 7 months ago+5

    Yeah, let's focus on now......
    CNN SUCKS!!!