Freezing Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen

  • Published on:  2/11/2018
  • Today we're finding out what happens if you put Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen!

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  • Bob Billy
    Bob Billy 7 months ago+1500

    They should get a 3d printer and make some cool stuff

  • Demose Aries
    Demose Aries 20 hours ago

    Rule of thumb with flamibles... They have vapor points... Like reguar gas is at 114 degrees Fahrenheit.. if warmed up to near that point it becomes easy to combust with even a spark.. cool it off though to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can usualy toss lit matches into it..

  • Ricky.z.
    Ricky.z. 4 days ago

    where i can buy the acetone?

  • Free Smith
    Free Smith 8 days ago

    Next try to stick your hand in liquid nitrogen.

  • Holly T
    Holly T 9 days ago

    New egg recipe?

  • Doctor Grugon
    Doctor Grugon 9 days ago

    Will frozen sulfuric acid still dissolve metals?

  • MR. MAN
    MR. MAN 18 days ago

    his look at the end

  • Kesha Valdes
    Kesha Valdes 1 months ago

    "No, that's not fun at all, don't try that at home." Big smile.

  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis 1 months ago

    Can you put a block of metal in Liquid Nitrogen then Smash it with a hammer to see if the metal breaks due to it being brittle? Just curious.

  • Starlin Vander
    Starlin Vander 1 months ago

    does Acetone plus other Liquid weigh more in a solid form then in a Liquid form ??

  • Mz.Squiggles13
    Mz.Squiggles13 2 months ago

    DIY reusable heat pack

  • J Fox Khajiit
    J Fox Khajiit 2 months ago

    can make lava in ur crucible

  • Crystal Doge
    Crystal Doge 2 months ago

    Acetone painting what about that

  • Youko Ricky
    Youko Ricky 2 months ago


  • Coldfire Ssj
    Coldfire Ssj 3 months ago

    what about dry ice in liquid nitrogen in acetone

  • Bray Wade
    Bray Wade 4 months ago

    Can you make ice cream in liquid nitrogen

  • Good channel
    Good channel 4 months ago

    What will happen if you fire liquid nitrogen

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 5 months ago

    You can’t set a solid on fire

  • Scooba Doo
    Scooba Doo 6 months ago

    muriatic acid in liquid nitrogen and maybe you can pour it in dry ice

  • AngelicDevil721
    AngelicDevil721 6 months ago

    LOL that last bit, "no it's not fun at all don't play with fire!" -camera zooms in on his obvious 'you know it is though' expression-