SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer



  • Finley O’Connor (May 6, 2019)

    “Thor is off world” Thor: *playing a 1v1 against noobmaster69*Edit: thanks for all the likes, I hit 1k subs today

  • meme star88 (1 hour ago)

    Getting "supplies" (points at beer) every once and a while

  • Maria Bland omg lol

  • Im a shit meme (3 days ago)

    1. Spiderman Homecoming 2. Spiderman Far from home 3. Spiderman Home Alone 4. spiderman Homeless

  • minekervip (2 hours ago)

    Spider man send em home

  • XgXxU (2 hours ago)


  • EZAF_ M1ND53T (4 days ago)

    Spiderman and Falcon being the next leaders in the marvel cinematic universe never crossed my mind 😳

  • Geisselle Lopez (2 hours ago)

    I mean, it was kind of obvious the route they were going. Marvel needed younger actors to keep their contracts longer and use them for as long as they can lol, so its no surprise to me that they're using Spiderman and possibly that kid from EndGame to be the next leaders, lol

  • Malachi Plowman (3 hours ago)

    you say it like it’s a bad thing

  • Ignite Learn IT (1 day ago)

    I think the MCU is building up to Nick Fury saying "Motherfucker"

  • JC Gam1ng (4 hours ago)

    Ignite Learn IT sorry but someone already said that word And it was I am GrootOr welcome to the guardians of the freaking galaxyBut he didn’t say freakingSeriously baby groot and teen groot have potty mouths

  • Isaac G (8 hours ago)

    Steve he said a bad language word

  • Geof Castle (4 days ago)

    Thor: getting a refill of beer Captain Marvel: getting another haircut

  • Livay L (8 hours ago)

    Tom Holland: Spoiling more crap

  • lego marvel filmz (10 hours ago)

    Thor fighting noob master 69

  • Izureru (May 6, 2019)

    *Tom Holland not spoiling endgameI never thought I would see the day

  • JC Gam1ng (4 hours ago)

    Izureru dude multiverse did it This is a different Tom HollandOr he actually learned but hey multiverse seems cooler

  • JBLegend 52 (9 hours ago)

    Izureru Facts

  • Jarf D. Dorkis (4 days ago)

    Thor? OffworldCaptain Marvel? UnavailableIron Ma... *Cries*Nick Fury: give him a minute

  • Broly Banderas (21 minutes ago)

    Why Spiderman? I would have thought that they chosed him for something but in the trailer they insinuate that there was no one else, which is a lie, Hulk, War Machine, Strange, Wanda, and many other people are on Earth.

  • Angela Nebedum (3 hours ago)

    JC Gam1ng I wonder if there is a way to bring Vision back? Shuri could have backed up his memories and programming for just in case something went wrong when they were trying to remove the Mind Stone from his head before Thanos came. If she really did that before she got erased, they could simply build Vision a new body. Or turn him into JARVIS again.

  • Kabir Parmar (3 days ago)

    Imagine that someone goes to see endgame and finds this trailer at first.

  • sugnuhC giB (4 hours ago)

    Everybody spoiled The whole movie already

  • Taseradict (8 hours ago)

    In my cinema they showed an alternative version of the Tom Holland intro, saying the trailer will play after the movie because spoilers. Pretty cool.

  • DarkLander (3 days ago)

    Please let this be a normal field trip!*Bi**h please you’ve been to space!*

  • Ethan Beer (5 hours ago)

    Next thing that you know, you have a friendly Spider-Man in my neighborhood?

  • Darkfire Animations (10 hours ago)

    Cruizin down on main street, we ran over like 12 kids

  • bridgecross (3 days ago)

    Jon Favreau has so much fun playing Happy, I sometimes forget he directed the first 2 Iron Man films.

  • _Have you seen Chef?_

  • VisualHoney (14 hours ago)