How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Pepins Spot 1 months ago

    NASA just announced they are going to establish a base on the Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philippe B 1 months ago

    Plz make socks !

  • poncho. 3 months ago

    The first person to be born on the Moon will be a Lunatic.

  • Memoona Qamar 4 days ago

    Narrator: that very day a black hole formed that destroyed the milky way

  • snowman - 12 days ago


  • xXx_Franklin_xXx 2 months ago

    2050:the moon is flat

  • people somehow already believe that

  • Luke Flavel 2 months ago

    We did it Kurzgesagt! A moon base is planned for 2024

  • Hooray earth

  • @Alaska1925 Optimism is needed in a world full of back-peddling pessimists. I'm glad they're at least putting this all off later rather than sooner if it's the case; since it wont be like an unorganised, impulsive decision.

  • Zack Fox 3 months ago

    The world: Oh shit there’s oil on the moonAmerica: We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but for your freedom

  • bisi kuku 10 days ago

    wait what?

  • bisi kuku 10 days ago

    @Chinedu OparaI loved the joke

  • Eurasian Empire 2 months ago

    NASA: Hey, let's colonize the moon.USA: No thanks. I'm good.NASA: *they have oil on the moon*USA: TIME TO LIBERATE THE MOON!

  • Gio Rosiles 9 days ago

    Helium 3 on the moon America fusion

  • Aiden Harris 10 days ago

    @Jillian Smith If the British can colonize the moon you have my emotional support. (US)

  • Dystressy 2 months ago

    Whos looking at this after seeing NASA's planned moonbase video?

  • Anthony Konecny 24 days ago


  • Jeff Vader 1 months ago

    @Dawson Toulouse I hope so.

  • Gewel ✔ 3 months ago

    Kurzgesagt: "we can't just go to the moon right now"Elon Musk: "well yes, but actually no"

  • Peeps The Youtuber 2 months ago

    Nasa: “Well no, but actually yes”

  • ImABigTumor 2 months ago

    Bruno Bielecki it says at the end of the video when they introduce the website

  • Anthony Ferguson 2 months ago

    Your video is coming true. NASA has announced the “Artemis” program, which was started with the purpose of establishing a lunar baseEdit: wow, I did not expect this to blow up. Thank you!

  • Reverse John Wick 3 days ago


  • Zivan _ 17 days ago

    Hey apparently ESA, JAXA and Russia agreed to help too

  • SunlightBlade 10 months ago

    PLEASE can humans hurry up and make this happen, I swear if I die before we build a base on the moon i'm going to be so pissed

  • kimyoungmi 2 days ago

    Some kids wish for others to do stuff. And some get interested, study up, and build nuclear fusion devices or atom smashers. We ourselves are the reason we fail, or succeed. So let's do it.

  • Zures 1 months ago