What Happened To Atlantis?

  • Published on:  2/12/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! Was Atlantis real? Or just a myth? There are many people out there trying to find out! From islands blown apart by volcanoes to crystal pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle, here are 11 theories about what happened to Atlantis.

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    11. It’s in Morocco
    A German computer genius named Michael Hübner came up with a unique approach to finding Atlantis in 2008 when he gave a presentation at the Atlantis Conference in Athens. Others had taken an archaeological approach or used mysticism to locate Plato’s fantasy island.

    10. Atlantis Is Near Cyprus
    People have claimed to discover Atlantis in countless places all over the world. In 2004, an American research team led by Robert Sarmast made one such announcement after finding what they believed were man-made structures on the ocean floor off the coast of Cyprus. Using sonar technology, they spent six days scanning the ocean floor between Syria and Cyprus.

    9. Atlantis Is In Spain
    2,400 years ago Plato described Atlantis as a powerful, utopian society with advanced technology and a system of complex canals. The city was overtaken by corruption and greed and ultimately was punished by the gods and sunk into the sea.

    8. Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
    Plato talks about how Atlantis was swallowed by the sea in a single day. Even so, you’d think that over the centuries someone would have stumbled on something concrete to prove the island existed right? Well this kind of happened in the late 1960s. A professional diver and physician named Ray Brown was diving in the Bermuda Triangle off of Miami looking for treasure, and claimed that he had discovered an underwater city.

    7. The Cayce Prophecy
    The Cayce Prophecy was proposed by American mysticist Edgar Cayce. He was well known for his psychic abilities and said that Atlantis is located in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1938 he predicted that in 1968 or 1969, parts of Atlantis would rise again off the east coast of North America.

    6. Crete Is Atlantis
    The Greek island of Crete was the seat of the Minoan Empire, a sophisticated maritime society that rose to power around 2000 B.C. and dominated trade routes throughout the Mediterranean. It was the first European civilization to have a written language, running water, and paved roads.

    5. Santorini Is Atlantis
    Perhaps Santorini and Atlantis are one and the same. The catastrophe of the Minoan Civilization and Ancient Thera (now Santorini) could be close to the story of the lost Atlantis. The explosion at Thera is estimated to have had the strength of 40 atomic bombs and would have been 100 times more powerful than the eruption at Pompeii.

    4. Atlantis Was A Continent
    It wasn’t really until 1882, when writer Ignatius Donnelly released his book “Atlantis, the Antediluvian World” that Atlantis became a mainstream place. In it, he argued that many of the ancient world’s accomplishments, including language and agriculture, were passed down from an earlier, more advanced society. Donnelly believed that prehistoric people lacked the sophistication necessary for developing such skills.

    3. Antarctica Is Atlantis
    Some conspiracy theorists and researchers believe Antarctica was once home to a sophisticated, thriving society and is the true Atlantis. This theory is based on author Charles Hapgood’s belief that Antarctica was once much further north and therefore warmer and more hospitable to life.

    2. The Black Sea
    There are a few different versions of this theory, including one that presumes that the story of Atlantis is a fictional retelling of the Black Sea flood, an actual event that occurred around 5600 BC. Until then, the Black Sea was a freshwater lake half its current size. Then, the land joining Europe and Asia separated, with the resulting salt water flow flooding a freshwater lake, turning it into the Black Sea in what’s come to be called “Noah’s Flood”.

    1. Atlantis Never Existed
    It’s sad but true. The academic community’s most favored theory revolving around Atlantis is that is never existed, and that Plato’s literature about it was purely fictional. Most historians and scientists believe that Plato created the story of Atlantis as a depiction of what, in his mind, was an ideal society. Simply put, he made it up.