Purgatony Episode 04 - Heaven? Ken, Wait!

  • Published on:  6/18/2019
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  • Resort Island
    Resort Island 2 months ago+5696

    Chad Bradley is actually getting character development. Cool.

  • Jaja Taroy
    Jaja Taroy 2 months ago+1086

    Aww man, Chad is the Tony of heaven. This was wholesome to watch.

  • Jaja Taroy
    Jaja Taroy 2 months ago+1662

    “Which genitals were yours?”
    “Those ones.”

  • suckypuckle
    suckypuckle 1 months ago+187

    "Do you have any fruit?"
    "Where were you between 1939 and 1945?"
    Nicely done, writers.

  • Anuj prajapati
    Anuj prajapati 2 months ago+666

    Did "God" make you kill your son? You maybe entitled to compensation. 🤣🤣

  • Dylan Carroll
    Dylan Carroll 2 months ago+502

    9:37 Chads hands are just hanging there, away from his arms.

  • Aliens Exist
    Aliens Exist 2 months ago+293

    What if you wanted to go to heaven but God said
    You got to be more like Chad Bradley

  • Guardian B132
    Guardian B132 1 months ago+111

    5:54 one of the ads is “slaves wanted”. The ad is made by George Washington, referencing the 1st episode

  • AllMight
    AllMight 2 months ago+150

    "Which genitals are yours sir?"
    "Uhhhhhhhh......that one."
    "aRe YoU sUrE aBOuT ThAt tOnY?"
    "Goddammit Chad Bradley."

  • VDR
    VDR 2 months ago+1593

    This should be on cartoon network
    And every kid should watch this..

  • Luke Martindale
    Luke Martindale 2 months ago+151

    Hear me out on this...
    Tony = Bojack Horseman
    Chad Bradley = Mr. Peanutbutter

  • Rain RedFox
    Rain RedFox 2 months ago+156

    13:04 Genitals keeper: "And which genital were yours sir?"
    Me: sees the big one "that one..."

  • DIRE adventures
    DIRE adventures 2 months ago+334

    "dont eat it"
    "Why would I eat it?"
    I died when he put it in his mouth

    Wow thanks for all these likes
    My most was only probably 8

  • L11ND
    L11ND 2 months ago+49

    Death: Im death and im COMING FOR YOU
    me: youtube uninstalled

  • Fort Blox
    Fort Blox 2 months ago+1336

    The office but everyone's in purgatory

  • HailOlympos!
    HailOlympos! 1 months ago+20

    Intro: "There's no clock on the wall"
    Clock on the wall: Am I a joke to you?

  • Vanny ARTS
    Vanny ARTS 1 months ago+16

    12:07 Did "God" make
    You kill your son?
    YOU may be entitled
    To compensation
    Call 777-777-777

  • Demi ThePodling
    Demi ThePodling 1 months ago+11

    Time to watch it again! all for a 2nd Season!

  • ShadowRaven790
    ShadowRaven790 2 months ago+31

    Death: See you soon
    Me: Bye Mr Death tell Grandma I said hi...and I miss her

  • J. Busch
    J. Busch 2 months ago+1925

    Character development huh
    You have my respect