Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • “The car business in general is a tough business. The car rental business, even more so. Anybody who finds out they can make money and drive a Ferrari, I mean, they’re diving in head first,” says Matt Cruz, owner of MVP Exotic Rentals, a legitimate luxury car rental business based in Miami.

    But when everybody wants to be a celebrity, how do you tell the difference between faking it and making it? The game is finesse, and with the allure of getting behind the wheel of the world’s most expensive cars, who wouldn’t want to play?

    In a world where likes and fame can be bought and the filtered facade of Instagram reigns supreme, VICE meets some of the legit — and the not-so-legit — players that cater luxury car rentals to the biggest rappers, athletes, and celebrities of the moment.

    WATCH NEXT: The Graffiti Godfathers of Miami --

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  • Mark McGrew (Sep 15, 2018)

    Miami sounds like a truly depressing place.

  • ericktwelve11 (3 days ago)


  • Patrick Verkley (May 12, 2019)

    As Joe Rogan likes to say, it's amazing you don't need a passport to go to Miami...

  • Mike Lomeli (Feb 7, 2019)

    I actually felt bad for the kid when he started coming down off the drugs and told the truth.

  • Nemesio Salgado (18 hours ago)

    Definitely an adderall come down talking bout 1 minute of sleep, staying up 3 days. 2+ days of consecutive adderall will keep you up forever

  • Jay Leno (4 days ago)

    That was sad and pathetic when he got asked to ride out at the end... he looked deflated opening the door and driving away.

  • Shaggy (Apr 19, 2019)

    _DZ:_ “Miami is full of a lot of fakes”_also DZ:_ ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  • EdgardoArana (Mar 2, 2019)

    How many fakes are in Miami?21Savage: A lot

  • J C (Mar 25, 2019)

    Issa lot

  • John Wick (Mar 24, 2019)

    How many people can't spell?A lot

  • BLAZENYCBLACKOPS (May 3, 2019)

    7.2 million views, I think Danny better skip town and change his identity like quick fast.

  • B Leaver (Sep 14, 2018)

    Sometimes I tell people I'm with AT&T and I'm really with Boost Mobile 😔

  • illusive_nezzy88 (4 days ago)

    Lmfao awsome 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • robert wright (5 days ago)


  • wjatevrr (Mar 1, 2019)

    That interview took a weird turn

  • Ronov (18 hours ago)

    more like a breakthrough.

  • kkr studios. (Feb 9, 2019)

    He juggle those keys everytime he lies

  • Whatisbow 28 (May 10, 2019)

    He may have talked BS throughout the video but you gotta admit that social media part was true af.

  • Whatisbow 28 (May 10, 2019)

    Grammy XD

  • Wolff (Jan 30, 2019)

    The luxury car rental owner seems like a pretty down to earth guy. Seems very honest.

  • ttrrooll ttooll (3 days ago)

    just don't cross road,with wrong person

  • soberpunk (Apr 26, 2019)

    They all seem kind of douchey.

  • Lol A Little (Mar 10, 2019)

    Did I like to incriminate myself ?Yes