So This is Basically Kingdom Hearts



  • JelloApocalypse 10 months ago

    That Marluxia bit after the credits was improv but I liked it so much I threw it in there anyways. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL OF VRV! FOR THE NEXT SO THIS IS BASICALLY VIDEO HERE:

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  • mekman4 1 months ago

    JelloApocalypse This is magic, *_do Mortal Kombat_*

  • DarkaYoddha 5 months ago

    You forgot to add:No matter how hard you try, Goofy will Always be a higher level than you. Always.

  • Matt Vanden Heuvel 5 months ago

    Is it bad that I want to hear the rest of the story Foygoox was telling?

  • Yo-Kai 06 4 days ago

    It was always bad

  • Yo-Kai 06 4 days ago


  • Krisphyra 5 months ago

    why is the voice actor for sock puppet sora better than his actual voice actor???

  • blackbird14 13 days ago

    He sounds a lot better as Vanitas tbh

  • DSM Genex 21 days ago

    Because y'know, humans age and get older

  • Grimbite 4 months ago

    3:51 RIKU!... wait i mean DONALD!

  • Destiny Francis 11 days ago


  • Dephrenn 24 days ago

    I thought it was pingu

  • erm4gundr 1 months ago

    "Maleficent, who is absolutely convinced that she is the main antagonist."Every one of these videos has one line that's actually a classic

  • JelloApocalypse 10 months ago

    For anyone curious, I DID write out Foygoox's entire monologue. I just had to cut most of it because it was so long. Here's the speech in its entirety!GOOFY: Y’see, in the ten seconds I was dead in Kingdom Hearts 2, Xemnas came by and replaced my body with a digital double. He turned the real me into a Heartless, thus creating my Nobody. He then fused the Heartless WITH my double and stored me in Terra’s memories. By doing that I was able to go back in time and become the original Xenahort. My Nobody...

  • Andy KnightWarden an hour ago

    @common viewer Sora healed Ventus's heart by apparent accident by connecting them when Sora was a newborn and Ventus was 12. At the climax of Ventus's story in BBS, he shattered his heart and the remnants went to Sora's heart to rest. When Sora became a Heartless, Roxas was born, taking the slumbering heart of Ventus from Sora until their reunification in the prologue of Kingdom Hearts 2.

  • Andy KnightWarden an hour ago

    It's so beautiful! XD

  • Victor Bravo 5 months ago

    "During the ten seconds I was dead in Kingdom Hearts 2..."

  • Crystal Nae 1 months ago

    @Lucian Luine "...Simple and clean is the WAY THAT YOU'RE MAKING ME FEEL TONIGHT...!"

  • Lucian Luine  1 months ago

    Jorge J. Davila "He turned the real me into a Heartless, thus creating my Nobody...."

  • Francine Caisip 4 months ago

    Sora: "Riku!"Sora: "Wait...I mean... Donald!"😂

  • Lekha Pratap 5 months ago

    “Maybe we can find some ingredients here.”— Cry of Donald, Underwater.

  • samuel rodriguez 1 months ago

    I like your profile pic of Mo-san! 0_0

  • Vanitas 4 months ago

    "Hey, I think I see a Lucky Emblem!"**Searches 2 hours for the Emblem only to find it very poorly hidden in a very obvious spot**