Why are you subscribed to me? (YIAY #460)

  • Published on:  1/31/2019
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  • MemesToMp4 4 months ago

    Can we get jack to host LWIAY and Pewdiepie to host YIAY? #LWIAYIAYLike so he sees(Edit) Thanks for 300 likes! I think he might actually see it!

  • The Sindrex 4 hours ago


  • StevenLikesPizza 1 months ago

    Accurate because Pewd make vids everyday on memes (LWIAY) and Jack makes vids one a week (mostly) on (YIAY)

  • Mees de Vries 4 months ago

    #LWIAYIAY You should copy him back and change YIAY to LWIAY as it better represents your upload schedule...

  • happykat. girl 2 months ago

    Mega oof

  • pp hard 4 months ago

    #LWIAYIAY he should sing the yiay song. no auto tune, no editing, and no background music.

  • Gil Kustanowitz 4 months ago

    #LWIAYIAYMake him give YouTube rewind a like...

  • YABOX 4 months ago

    #LWIAYIAY Change YIAY to LYIAY that way it's:Last Year I Asked YouNow you can upload 1 time a year. YAAY!

  • Fin The Human 1 months ago

    He already does.

  • SpaceDave1337 1 months ago

    Yiay not yaayThis is a pun I'm sorry

  • Israel Campbell 4 months ago

    #LWIAYIAY you should copy pewnews and call it JacksFacts

  • fly to sky 2 months ago

    @Israel Campbell go fuck your self pewdiepie copied him first and yiay is better thant liway

  • Israel Campbell 4 months ago

    That really sucks this comment is now in the bottom of the comment section and no one is seeing it. Which means even though I got 302 likes it doesn’t really matter if he can’t see it

  • SammmTheHammm 4 months ago

    #LWIAYYIAY SAcrIfiCE hIM tO THe dEmoNS WIthIN OUr MOrtAL SouLSOr just ask him nicely. 😊

  • Terry 20 14 days ago

    Sup Satan

  • Amina Krupalija 2 months ago


  • User name 4 months ago

    This ain't 10 minute long*YOU CAN'T BEAT PEWDS*

  • TOMApegi 3 months ago

    he can

  • SpaCATti 4 months ago

    y e s he can...

  • Nathan Key-No 4 months ago

    I originally subbed for the YGSStayed for the free audible downloads

  • Mr. Pancake 4 months ago

    You should make him get plastic surgery to make his forehead giant,and force him to watch every episode of YIAY #LWIAYIAY