APUSH Periods 3-7 Mega Review!!

  • Published on:  5/9/2020
  • 0:29 Causes of the Revolution
    5:03 Turning Point Declaration of Independence
    9:48 Compare & Contrast Articles of Confederation/Constitution
    13:24 CCOT US Gov't & Politics 1781-1820
    19:56 Hamiltonian Federalists & Jeffersonian Republicans
    22:00 Contextualizing John Adams Turbulent Presidency
    27:06 CCOT American Economy 1800-1848
    31:00 Contextualizing the Second Great Awakening
    34:34 Manifest Destiny
    39:27 Causes of the Civil War (This one is a little choppy, I experimented with not writing a script)
    52:20 Gilded Age Problems leads to the Progressive Era
    59:42 CCOT African Americans 1865-1900
    1:04:55 CCOT Social and Political Position of Women 1890-1920
    1:10:28 Causes of WWI
    1:19:17 CCOT Foreign Policy 1914-1941
    1:24:39 Contextualizing the First Red Scare (Also goes into cultural issues of the 20s)
    1:28:36 Causes of the 1920s Economic Boom
    1:32:10 CCOT Role of Gov't in the Economy 1890-1939
    1:39:06 Contextualizing the Great Depression and New Deal (starts with an overview of the 1920s)
    Forgot to add Whigs and Jacksonian Democrats, and Turning Point: Election of Andrew Jackson. Here are the links: https://www.201tube.com/video/Hedqo_4o7Yo/video.html