My ORANGE Huntsman SPIDER was PREGNANT ?!!! WHAT !!!

  • Published on:  3/3/2019
  • 2nd channel :~ Beyond the Lair got this Orange Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda davidbowie) not too long ago, and she already laid an egg sac! Not too sure if it’s fertile or not, but let’s hope for the best!** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Below are some links to my other Huntsman Spider videos.I got a new pet.... and I'm afraid of it. my HUNTSMAN SPIDER ~ Method of Caution !!! HUNTSMAN SPIDER was PREGNANT?? I thought she was just fat lol HUNTSMAN SPIDER egg sack ~ What's inside?? page :@XoticsLair ~ group : : @exoticslair ~ ~ :@ExoticsLair ~ :Exotics Lair ~ credit (from YouTube Audio Library) :Quincas Moreira - Malandragem* THANK YOU for your support !!!Lia, Anne-Sophie, Leon Tan, David Victoria Martinez, Hannah Frampton, Timothy K Colbert, Emily Williams.


  • Reptiles, Fish, and More
    Reptiles, Fish, and More 5 months ago+1397

    Hates huntsman spiders, gets one, finds out it's pregnant, ends up with hundreds of huntsmen 😂

  • Avantika
    Avantika 5 months ago+993

    So... Mama nope is pregnant with what may be lots of new baby nope nopes?
    Lemme just nope myself outta here.

  • 9090fighter
    9090fighter 5 months ago+1287

    I can tell that you are going to have a real fun time wrangling the babies

  • Ups Cameron
    Ups Cameron 5 months ago+330

    Shes not pregnant, shes just chilling on a marshmallow

  • Maxygames S
    Maxygames S 5 months ago+142

    Me: Rip

  • Bubble
    Bubble 5 months ago+221

    Request for update on pissy <3

  • Avalena Marcazzolo
    Avalena Marcazzolo 5 months ago+79

    You should make a tarantula jumpscare compilation (every time a tarantula scared the flip out of you basically)

  • Wagyu
    Wagyu 5 months ago+211

    I wish he called the video "HUNTSMAN! SPIDER! EGGSACK! ORANGE! WOAH!!!!" or something.

  • nick villela
    nick villela 5 months ago+1532

    Let’s be honest right now……
    Your looking at the comments while watching the video

  • mellykellyknight
    mellykellyknight 5 months ago+247

    Egg sac
    You ever been so excited you forget English?

  • AidanosaurusRex #1
    AidanosaurusRex #1 5 months ago+37

    I'm hoping my Goliath Bird Eater is a female and will lay eggs
    1 like= 1 luck for the my Tarantula

  • Bre'Shay Brown
    Bre'Shay Brown 5 months ago+54

    Ahhh nothing like watching Spider videos when any other time you nope you way out the room if a spider was in said room.

  • J. Gtz.
    J. Gtz. 5 months ago+26

    The Chronicles of Hand man: Today's episode David Bowie gets Pregnant

  • Discovery Thunder
    Discovery Thunder 5 months ago+68

    Hope you have fun with the spider demons

  • Adam Walther
    Adam Walther 5 months ago+30

    Your videos are awesome and you inspired me to get my first tarantula a Trinidad Olive (Neoholothele incei) and I’m already getting my second tarantula a Antilles pinktoe (Caribena versicolor) <—— you should get one too they’re beautiful

  • ellen
    ellen 5 months ago+23

    The daily life of exotic lair and his pet spiders

  • Hampton Irvine
    Hampton Irvine 5 months ago+17

    I love this channel it’s cool, cringe, and hilarious and it makes my day to watch the vids I just wish more people new about you. You deserve more attention, keep up the good work.

  • Katherine Bryant
    Katherine Bryant 5 months ago+14

    Wow fingers crossed as they will be little cute huntsmans just like the big mummy 👍🙏

  • Vianlitic
    Vianlitic 5 months ago+7

    Her eyes are glowing.
    staring right into my soul.

  • Lola Moon
    Lola Moon 5 months ago+8

    Dude, what got u into this spider lifestyle? I’m very curious!!